Dec 29, 2010

Never, In My Wildest Imagination... Part 1

November first of 2010...A date which will live in infamy...just teasing, it wasn't that dramatic of a day. Okay, maybe it was to one certain family called mine. Our whole world was rocked in a single phone call. Isn't it often that way, a single phone call. As if we could place all the blame on that one pickup of the receiver? What if we had not answered? Would the outcome of the phone call be any different? Of course not.

Within the first hour of finding out that our lives were about to change, I had no words. I was speechless. I just kept looking at him in wonder, as if I was waiting for the punchline. If you know my husband at all, you may concur with me on having this feeling. As he continued to talk to me, I realized that EVERYTHING I held precious at this season of my life was about to change. I say "EVERYTHING" because for some reason God chose 2010 to be the year of blessings for the Mozisek's. I am not talking financial, but every other realm of our lives was flying high. I had precious friendships I had always desired, my kids were excelling at school, we were leading bible studies with other couples, I was leading a wonderful women's ministry, our marriage could not be stronger, no health issues for once in our lives, and we felt that we had job security without a doubt. Then, the phone call.

I posted this on my blog three days after the news. Wow, I can't believe what has transpired since writing that verse. I don't even know where to start. I wish I could sugar coat it all and start listing all the blessings that happened and leave it at that, but that wouldn't be REAL. What is real that the blessings didn't start right away. In fact I had a good week of yuck! There is no way else to put it. I was crying every hour on the hour. I was venting to people who had no business being vented to. I shared things that I knew better not to, and all in all my behavior wasn't honoring to God. It was a sign of my immaturity. I have heard that this crazy range of emotions I was feeling after our job loss is normal. It is kind of a grieving process I was feeling. I guess it may be, but I am a daughter of the King and I knew better. I wish I could go back and handle myself differently, but God let me act like a little spoiled brat and then... in His beautiful, forgiving, Daddy-like Self, He allowed me to come to Him, apologize, truly pour out my heart, He picked me up, and then spoke into my heart, "I've got it covered baby, I am your provider, I am your leader, I am the only one you are going to believe in, trust in, and serve from this day on."

Though I had my complete pity party of a couple of weeks, I did have a husband who from the word go, absolutely NEVER looked back. His focus was careful, prayerful and determined. I love that God gave me this kind of guy. As a man, he had to have had his ego jilted a bit, but thankfully God gave my man a sense of overcoming obstacles and challenges from the day he took his first breath into this world. In fact, challenge is his middle name. Okay, it is really Franklin, but it might as well be challenge. He got on the phone immediately, and started seeing what what out there in his field of expertise. Unfortunately, churches are struggling everywhere, so often someone who is classified as a Creative Arts Pastor is often only employed in the very large churches of America. We weren't really interested in leaving the great state of Texas, or working at the poverty level as many churches pay for worship/media pastors, so we just prayed. Okay actually we prayed, and I took on a new challenge. Are you ready for this?...Scentsy!

Scentsy? You mean the odorless, wickless, safe alternative to candles? Yes, exactly that! I have been out of the workforce for 13 and a half years and for some reason, I had been thinking about giving Scentsy a try as a career for months, but I never had the fire lit under me to get it started. During the week we found out we no longer had a job, I got a call from a friend who graciously offered our family a getaway weekend in a beautiful hill country cabin. We needed it as a family, and I needed some prayer time to see what God had specifically for me as a wife to help our family's sudden loss of income. As I walked into the cabin, I immediately smelled something yummy. At closer observation, I saw a Scentsy warmer on the kitchen counter, and then in the living room, and then in each and every bedroom. Wow, was this a sign or what? I know the non-believer calls this kind of thing coincidence, but I had been in prayer for a decision and this was my sign to go for it. While I was in Austin that same weekend, I went to the friend's house who had invited us and I asked her if she had ever heard of Scentsy. She took me to a drawer full of Scentsy bars, and said, "I love Scentsy!" Within two days, I signed up with an acquaintance I had met months earlier. Her enthusiasm for the product and her knowledge has been so beneficial to me. Let's just say, Blessing #1...Scentsy. God took my offering and blessed it beyond what I could have ever imagined. This is just one of the many amazing things that happened following what should have been the worst time of our lives. God is good and I can't wait to share more of the story. There is so much more to share!!! Tune in for part 2...coming soon.