Oct 25, 2006

My Future Aggie

Is this a cutie or what? It's Sports Day at school and Annie honored her mom by wearing her brother's A&M cap. I couldn't get her to go as far as putting on the matching jersey, but I will take what I can get from my princess. Can you tell that pink is her favorite color? I wish that I could freeze this age forever(except for the whining part of course).

I will be leaving tomorrow to go see my sister and nephew in LA for 5 days, so Skip is in charge of the kids. I have never gone anywhere for that long alone. I am so excited, but very anxious about finding my gate, switching planes, and all that is involved with flying. I have been reciting Philippians 4:6, and I know that God will be with me and watching over my family. I am also heading over to My Quiet Corner for some encouragement. However, would you please pray for us? I will hopefully have pictures to share when I return. Isn't Skip an awesome hubby to encourage me to do this? I think he is more excited for me than I am. Have a blessed week and I will be checking in when I can.

Oct 23, 2006

Western Day Attire

The kids had western day at school today and I had to snap a quick shot before heading out the door. Let's just say that Seth was not too happy about this whole idea of getting his picture made or dressing up like a cowboy. That little boy should know he can't look so cute with his little bandana and me not take a picture of him. The girls were so excited about going to school. They even wanted individual pitures of themselves. Tomorrow is twin day where you dress up the same as a friend, and Wednesday is Sports day. We are having all these fun days to promote Spirit Week at school. We want the kids to be excited about our school and the team sports we are promoting. I think it is great to take some of the focus off Halloween this week.

Just A Little Monday Fun

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea Exchange is going on over at Kisses of Sunshine and I wanted to join in. I don't actually sew, nor am I crafty, but my mother-in-law made the cutest blankets for my kids last year and I wanted to share with everyone. She picked colors and fabric designs she knew the kids would love, and then sewed two large fabrics together for a personalized blanket. She handstitched the blankets, but I'm sure you could do it with a machine. I like the homemade stitching I see because it shows me Meemee was thinking of them during each stitch. They take these blankets with them on every roadtrip. My kids think you can't travel for longer than an hour in the car without a blanket and pillow. Actually, I was the same way as a little girl. Here is a picture of all three blankets. Ashley's is the green and aqua which matches her room colors. Seth's is of course the camo in the middle, and Annie's is the purple and pink poodle print. Annie's is so soft that she often catches me cuddling up with it on the couch. Can you blame me?

Oct 20, 2006

Friday Feast

What is your favorite beverage?
My favorite hot beverage is coffee with hazlenut creamer and splenda. My favorite cold beverage is sugar-free Red Bull or a Vanilla Coke from Sonic.

Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or at work.
Laptop, printer and mouse of course. Actually, those are a given. There are also many CD's, recording and firewire thingamadillys(hubby's) and my vanilla coke from Sonic($1.07 for a large if you get there by 10AM).

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?
I think I am very honest(about a 9.7), but not to the point of hurting someone's feelings. I would never say I don't like your haircut or your outfit if asked. I may however change the subject quickly. I love honesty in marriage and friendships, but I love a little fibbing when it comes to Santa and the Easter bunny. Yes, I do believe!

Main Course
If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?
It would be Refugio, Texas. It is pronounced so many different ways that it makes me wonder who is actually right. I would name it Halfway, Texas because it is halfway between Corpus and my hometown of Victoria-much easier to say!

What stresses you out? What calms you down?
Trying something new for the first time. For instance going to a new doctor, speaking in front of people I don't know, and deciding what to do with my hair when I am sick of the style. What calms me down is reading God's word and focusing on His Truth. It also helps calm me when my husband makes me laugh, or when I dance around silly with the kids.

To participate in Friday's Feast, go here.

This Girl Needs A Nap

This week was one of those weeks where there was just a little too much on the calendar and not enough of me to go around. I know that many of you out there know exactly what I mean. It all makes sense on my planner, but when put into action it is exhausting. First of all, my son Seth had a project due on Monday, so Sunday was full of finishing last minute details of his puppet and report he was assigned. Monday was getting my house somewhat put together for upcoming Bunco. Why a woman would start cleaning on Monday when her party is on Thursday is beyond me? My family has a way of undoing everything in one evening. Tuesday, I had a friend over for coffee and that was a great 2 hours of relaxing and chatting. Oh, did I tell you my month of "no coffee and cokes" ended last weekend? I celebrated with a new coffee maker which I love. (By the way, it wasn't the coffee and cokes keeping me from losing weight). Tuesday nights are always busy since both girls have dance and I am chauffeuring from about 4:15-7:15. Wednesday morning I helped in the library at school, then I went to watch my son perform his report at 2:00, had weekly youth group at my house that night, and then cleaned up for Thursday morning bible study. Thursday was bible study, make homemade chili, make homemade cornbread, make homemade apple crisp, make veggie tray, clean house, pick up kids, kiss kids hi and say bye as daddy takes them away from the madness, enjoy a great night of visiting and meeting new neighbors at bunco, clean up from bunco, kiss kids hi again on returning, thank hubby for taking kids away for 4 hrs, make sure kids finish homework, help pack lunches, lay out clothes so we can sleep in a couple of more minutes Friday, hit the pillow at 10:30pm, and last, but not least, Thank God that I survived the day. It has been a fun week, but I promised hubby that anymore activities at the house must happen during the day. Most importantly, while he is at work! I hope everyone has a great weekend! It feels like fall here this morning, so I am off for a walk in this frigid weather (62 degrees is definitely frigid for Corpus). Be Blessed!

Oct 17, 2006

Introducing...A Transformed Woman!

Yipee! I am so excited to introduce you all to one of my bestest friends who has just recently entered the blogosphere. Liana is my friend who recently moved to China with her family for her husband's job. She is a mentor of mine, and you will see why if you start to hear a little of her wisdom through her blog. You have to go by A Transformed Woman and wish her well on her new adventure. She is a published author of Organization Transformation. For all of you out there who like to organize, she gives a biblical approach as to what it really means to live an organized life. I think this blog is such a good idea for her to keep up with friends instead of constantly having to email each of us everytime a new experience happens. Have fun Liana!

Oct 16, 2006

Love These!

I love this bible study I am currently doing with an amazing group of ladies. For those of you who haven't heard of Angela Thomas, she is worth checking out. She is one of the most "for real" women I have ever heard teach God's word, and beyond easy to follow and understand. It is a dvd and a workbook format. I love how God knows exactly what we need at exactly the right time in our walk. This book is great and I highly recommend it for a bible study; very little homework, but very purposeful. It has me rethinking a lot of what I am doing in my life and why I am doing it.

I just finished reading this book that my friend Tiffany loaned to me. It was awesome! God has used Robin McGraw's words to speak truth to me that I needed to hear this week. I love how she consistently encourages women throughout the book to make deliberate choices-choices that will lead to a better, happier life. I want to make choices that will better my marriage, my children's lives, my health and my happiness. It is a great read if you want a little inspiration in your life.

I am also currently trying to read "A Voice in the Wind" by Francine Rivers. I have read two of her other books and loved them. I am only on the 2nd chapter and finding it hard to get into because I haven't been reading much fiction lately. I want to read a balance of fiction and non-fiction. I am usually drawn to personal growth type books, but I want to get out of my comfort zone and expand my mind with a little historical fiction.

On a side note, Skip and I are praying about possible putting our home on the market. I know that it is a buyers market and it may be difficult, but we both would love to get into a one-story home with a lower payment. I love this home and I feel like it was such a blessing when we got it, but since Skip's hip surgery he hasn't ventured upstairs once. We are just praying about it, but both of us are fine with moving. We touched up paint tonight in the kitchen and living room and tomorrow I am going to clean some baseboards and walls. Yucky, I hate deep cleaning.

That's about it except my cute little nine yr. old son said the funniest thing earlier to Skip. They were setting up a microphone in my bedroom to record a report he has to perform at school tomorrow. He told Skip, "Dad, do you have the mike set up yet? Good, now let's make some magic." He is getting so funny, just like his daddy. He is also obsessed with football. I have never learned so many stats about pro and college players as I have this season. I am already praying for his future wife who will have to be a football fan. He even had to wear his A&M football jersey for picture day at school today. I let him because I want to remember this year as the year he discovered a love of football. I love that sweet little boy!

Oct 10, 2006

My God is So Good!

Can I just start this by saying how good our God is? I mean He is so good, we can't comprehend. For instance, yesterday I was passing out my bunco invitations in the neighborhood when I saw hubby waving me to come home. I was in the middle of a conversation, but he was really waving like a crazy man. Nearing the driveway, I saw him talking on the phone with panic in his eyes. He gave me the phone and I could barely understand my mother-in-law. Wreck...the suburban flipped...they won't let me near... I'm so scared...It's bad...! Those are the words I could make out about hubby's dad. He was driving home from work on the loop, and a car pulled out and clipped the rear of the car. He spun several times, flipped, and landed in a ditch on the driver's side. Paramedics were trying to spray water on the car and get him out when she called. Hubby's dad had called hubby's mom right after the wreck, but she didn't know if that was just adrenaline letting him call or what. I immediately calmed her down and prayed with her. I told her we would get in the car and come right away. She was still crying and so scared. Hubby's grandfather had died in a car wreck five years ago, so it was very fresh on all our minds. Before we left, I got on the floor with my scared children, and told them "Grandpa is not alone. God is right there with him in the car. Let's pray that he will be okay. That God will protect him from any serious injuries." We prayed and then starting driving to them (it's about an hour and a half away). Hubby had called his brother to go to the scene and I called my daddy to go there too. They are both in the same city. Hubby's brother called after a few minutes and said that the officers on the scene said he was talking. We praised God! A few minutes later we heard he was moving around in the car. Praise God again. They sent Mother-in-law to the hospital to wait there. After a little while, they cut the top of the suburban off (my daddy said it looked like a can opener taking a lid off) and they got him onto a stretcher. Hubby's brother said he looked good. Praise God again. We were halfway there when mother-in-law called and said she is with him and he is fine. Yes, fine. Only small cuts and bruises. Then she said they are checking him over and doing x-rays of his shoulder. She told us don't even worry about coming because they will probably send him home shortly and he will need to rest. In other words, my adorable but very energetic children, who would be jumping all over PawPaw should maybe come this weekend to see him instead. We decided to head back and couldn't wait to share the awesome news with our friends. Later last night, mother-in-law called to say that he is sore, but everything checked out fine. They sent him home with pain meds. and some muscle relaxers. Didn't I tell you at the beginning just how good our God is?

Oct 6, 2006

Favorite Memories

Shalee tagged me for this meme a few days ago and I am finally getting around to it. It was fun to look back to childhood and recall some special memories.
1. Favorite memory of your mother? There are so many wonderful memories of my mother when I was growing up that it is hard to pick one. I love that on the weekends she would get a pad of paper and a pencil and take our order like we were at a restaurant. She would give us menus on paper and then write down our orders. Sometimes she would make pancakes for one of us, eggs and bacon for another, and then french toast for the other. I loved when she did things like this. It made each of us feel so special.
2. Favorite memory of your father? My father was not a real father to me until I was about 22 years old. Shortly after he divorced with my mother, stopped drinking and asked Christ into his heart, he became the most wonderful father a daughter could ever have. My favorite memory of my father is when I sat in his little church as I watched him get baptized about 14 yrs. ago. He has not only become an amazing dad, an awesome husband to his wife of 13 yrs, the best grandpa to my kids, but he has become one of my spiritual mentors.
3. Favorite memory of your siblings? My favorite memory with my sister and my brother is probably making cushion houses in our den. We would always use kitchen chairs, cushions, pillows and blankets to make a campout. We would make an opening so we could watch tv. My kids like to do the same thing today.
4. What one skill would you like to wake up tomorrow and be able to do(though you never learned it)? I've always wanted to be able to sew. I can do a button, and a simple stitch, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to sew with a sewing machine. It was my only C in junior high and it haunts me to this day. Other skill I wish I could have learned is a back handspring. It kept me from being a cheerleader, and believe me I had school spirit. Go VHS ! I was too afraid, and at my 5A school you had to do a back handspring. Don't feel too sorry for me, I had a great time in drill team for 4 years.
5. Which of your dreams has come true? Marrying a rock star. Just kidding, well kind of. Skip is my rock star for Jesus. Actually, being a mom was always a dream of mine, and I am so blessed to have 3.

If you would like to try this meme, then tag- Your it! Have fun and thanks Shalee for thinking of me.

Oct 4, 2006

Coolest Thing Ever!

I could not wait to tell everyone this awesome thing that happened yesterday. After seeing beautiful little Cynthia for the first time at the hospital two days ago, I put in a call to my nephew in LA. He is currently taking acting classes and trying to get into tv, print, or movies. Knowing that Matt has had the opportunity to meet a lot of the sweet girls and boys on Disney Channel, I wanted to see if there was any way he could get an autograph for Cynthia from someone he knows. I would never want to impose, but I felt there was such an urgency with this child and I knew it would lift her spirits. I called my sister and she relayed the message to Matt. He was brought to tears and immediately made a few calls. I wasn't sure what he would come up with, but anything would be a nice gesture. Well, let's just say Matt came through big time! Yesterday afternoon while lying in her hospital bed, Cynthia got a call from Aly and AJ. For those of you who do not have cable or children between the ages of 5 and 16, you may not know who they are. They are singers, songwriters, musicians, and actresses that are constantly seen on the Disney Channel. They not only called Cynthia, they got out their guitars and sang a song for her. And here is the best part, they prayed with her over the phone. These are Christian girls! I think I am going to go buy their Christmas Album right now. I went to see Cynthia last night at the hospital and to say that she had a huge smile on her face about her call would be a big understatement. Her 19 yr.old sister was there to stay the night with her, and said that Cynthia is usually so shy and never talks to strangers, but she was talking her heart out to Aly and AJ. How cool is that? I didn't even know this little girl 3 days ago and now she is in my prayers and thoughts constantly. Our church family is bringing them meals, visiting daily, and praying like crazy. Cynthia has captured our hearts. Cynthia also has a twin sister, a 19 yr. old sister, a 9 yr. old sibling and a 7 yr. old sibling (not sure if boys or girls). Thanks to each and everyone of you who have prayed and continue to pray. Skip, my hubby, said that I should never go to Africa if I get this attached to one sick child. I would probably never leave. Lastly, I want to just praise God for all He is doing in this family and all those involved in helping her.

Oct 3, 2006

Up at 3 AM

Does God ever wake you up in the middle of the night with such an urging that you have no choice but to physically get up and have a chat with him. Well, it has happened to me on several occassions over the last 5 years. Sometimes I feel like God has a specific answer for me to a problem or situation I am facing, but have been too busy throughout the day to call on Him. At other times, I feel led to pray for people. This morning is the later.

Yesterday I met a young girl named Cynthia while visiting a friend's son at the hospital. Cynthia is a beautiful eleven year old with the most beautiful big eyes I have ever seen. She has attended our church, has several siblings, she lives with her grandmother because mom is out of the picture (let's just say, mom is busy with her own problems), and she has leaukemia. Did you hear that last part? She has leaukemia and it has spread throughout her body. The instant I met her I wanted to pick her up and hold her and tell her everything would be alright. I wanted to tell her that God loves her so much and He is holding her hand right now. I wanted to tell her that He loves her with an everlasting love and nothing with ever take that away. Instead, I just stood there smiling while my friend asked her how she was doing, and if we as a church could do anything special for her. I asked her a few questions, but I was so in shock that such a young beautiful child was literally being attacked by cancer at that very moment. She looked so healthy with a full set of long brown hair. I don't think they will even try treatment because it is everywhere. I don't have all the details, but I know she has had leaukemia in the past, and just recently it was found in her liver. On further testing, it has been found throughout the body. There isn't much to do, but keep her comfortable.

Now, I sit here and pray for Cynthia. I pray that she is not in pain. I pray that she knows God is near and holding her hand. I pray she knows He loves her with an everlasting love. All the things I couldn't say to her, I pray for her. I have been forever changed by meeting this little girl. I can't tell you how much I hugged my kids yesterday. I really listened to what they were saying and really questioned them about how their day went. Most of all, I thanked God for my own children. I praised him for their health and the hand He has on each of their lives.
Won't each of you out there take a minute to pray for Cynthia and her family? I know they would appreciate it.