Oct 23, 2006

Western Day Attire

The kids had western day at school today and I had to snap a quick shot before heading out the door. Let's just say that Seth was not too happy about this whole idea of getting his picture made or dressing up like a cowboy. That little boy should know he can't look so cute with his little bandana and me not take a picture of him. The girls were so excited about going to school. They even wanted individual pitures of themselves. Tomorrow is twin day where you dress up the same as a friend, and Wednesday is Sports day. We are having all these fun days to promote Spirit Week at school. We want the kids to be excited about our school and the team sports we are promoting. I think it is great to take some of the focus off Halloween this week.


Julie said...

Blogger just ate the comment I was trying to leave! Grrrrr!


As I was saying, your kids look soooo cute. And your little guy Seth just cracks me up! WHAT a face!! LOL

BTW~I'm glad that my Saturday Scripture touched you. I hope you have a great time with your sister...wherever it is you're going. I sure had a great time with mine!

Tiffany said...

Ashely... i like ur hat!!!
-paige locke

How you can mange to get all three to dress the same is beyond me. If Paige and JIllian are even wearing the same color it is a total nightmare. They do look pretty dapper!---- Paige's mom

Susanne said...

Ate my comment too!

That is a precious picture! And your little guy will laugh at it *someday*. :vD

What a great idea to keep Halloween at bay in the school!

Pamela said...

Susie, we had Spirit week when I was a kid. So for hat day, my Mom decided to go all out and dress up a big floppy hat with real lettuce, tomato. carrots and so forth. I thought it was pretty neat, so I wore it to school. It went over pretty well, till the hat started wilting, and every now and then the kids would nibble at my salad. hehe! I came in 2nd place and the kid that won wore the original scuba diving helmet. It was a riot! Glad your kids are joining in on all the fun! They all look great!

on the Rock said...

Oh my gosh! How fun is that! Great costume themes.

And thanks for the blanket ideas. I've been thinking about that idea too, but now I have some direction to go!

Padre Reeds said...

I recognize the feelings that Seth's face conveys. I had the fame feelings frequently growing up too cool for school pictures, new clothes and shirts that tucked in.

Emily said...

That's so cool that your kids get to dress up almost every day this week! I wish I could do that!

Kathleen Marie said...

Third try. Blogger is just being naughty!

Your kids are so cute. I love spirit week. Joey had so much fun this year - a hippie, soldier, painted maroon and gold...

It flies by so fast. Enjoy!