Apr 16, 2011

Sugar Versus Lottery Tickets

I have always considered myself a very non-confrontational person. Just the thought of someone not liking me often keeps me from speaking truth to those I love, and most definitely I would never tell a stranger what I thought for fear of being thought of in a negative way if they disagreed with me. Well unfortunately, that certain time of the month interfered briefly with my normal peace-making self in a situation I hate to admit, but feel I must.

I was making a quick trip to the corner store for a bag of sugar. In a recent move, we are now thankfully near a discount store which is a bit less expensive than convenience store prices. Since the family was waiting at home on sweet tea to go with our dinner, I knew I had to get in and out quick. Disappointingly the discount store was clean out of sugar, so I had to go to my next alternative, the convenience store. As I brought the purchase up to the counter, I was waiting for the female customer in front of me to pick out a dozen different lottery tickets. I was in such a hurry and getting more frustrated by the moment. I really hadn't even looked at the price of the sugar because there was no way I was going to go across town to the grocery store. The gas to get there alone would have canceled out my over-priced sugar. When I sat my bag of sugar on the counter, the clerk said, "Are you sure you don't want to go across the street? This is really expensive." I told her that I had gone across the street first, but they were sold out. The customer next to me, that had just purchased her lotto tickets, said to the clerk, "Ouch, that just hurts to see. I would never pay that much for sugar." I paid without a word more and walked out. Oh, if only I would have said a quick prayer and moved on. Instead, I ignored the nudging quiet voice inside me and turned around, walked back inside and without hesitation I said loudly to both women, "Well, at least I'm not blowing my money on lottery tickets." I stormed to the car and rushed home. I wasn't even out of the parking lot when I felt such a strong conviction to come back and apologize. I didn't, however. My excuse being my family was waiting at home. Sure this little confrontation from the world would seem like a "Good one, you told them, Susie" or "Who cares, maybe they will think about making you feel bad for over spending." Anyway, all I felt afterward was yucky. Yes, just plain old yucky. Because I am a Christ follower, there is something alive and active in me called the Holy Spirit. It won't let me be content with being rude or arrogant. And when I do sin against It, I am sure to quickly repent or I find no peace.

Probably a much better ending to my story would have been going back and apologizing, but instead I let my embarrassment keep me from doing so. However, you can sure bet I will hold my tongue next time, smile and say something like, "Your so right. Maybe next time I will remember to buy extra sugar at the grocery store so I won't have to do this."

Memory Verse
" Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit—you choose. "
Proverbs 18:21