May 24, 2007

Blessings From Heaven

Well, this was my final get together with my beautiful bible study friends. They honored me with a delicious brunch and treasured gifts. The best gift of all, was the friendship and love that each one of the ladies has blessed me with over the last year and a half. God has written these lovely ladies names on my heart forever. I am crying as I type this knowing how much of an answer to prayer they have been to me. I have learned far more from them than any Beth Moore study could ever teach. Their stories, struggles and triumphs have brought my faith to a whole new level. Isn't God the best when he gives us true heart friends. Come on over and I'll introduce you to these lovely ladies.

On the left is Jen, Annie, and Linda enjoying the view outdoors. Jessyln is Jen's baby born during our fall study of "A Beautiful Offering". Isn't she precious! I kept giving her kisses and hugs. What a joy!

To the left is Patsy and Karissa in their pretty green tops. The rest of us didn't get the memo. In the middle is Tiff and Cindy. Tiff's mom made me the most amazing cherry pie (completely homemade crust) which was to die for. That is my favorite pie-ever! To the right is Michelle and Melyn. Michelle opened her home today for our celebration brunch. Isn't her home gorgeous!

Here is a group shot of my sweet friends. Melyn is taking the picture and Jeannie couldn't join us today, but everyone else was there to bring sunshine to my day, and joy to my heart. I love you Jeannie, and wish you could have been there. Jeannie is like family. She has two daughters who are somewhat close to my age whom I also love to pieces.

Well, we did it! We finished Daniel- the entire thing! It may be a while before I tackle another study like that. Just kidding, it actually made me hunger for more knowledge of God and who He is. I love you ladies, and will miss you terribly! Be blessed, and be Daniels!

May 23, 2007

Wouldn't You Know It!

Today was the first time in six months of my house being on the market that I actually didn't make my bed and I left clutter and laundry out. I drove to Victoria to pick up Skip and bring him back here(I had his truck this week). Wouldn't you know it, I was an hour and a half out of Corpus and I get a call that they were going to show my house in 1o minutes. I could do nothing but pray that they would overlook the mess. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. I haven't heard anything, but God whispered to me today. He said, "Susie, you can do everything in your power to sell that house, but it is Me and Me alone that will make it happen." I immediately felt calm and peaceful about the whole thing. It has been quite a while since a showing, and today we had two calls. Praise God! Maybe it will happen soon. Thank you for continuing to pray with me.

May 21, 2007

Family time, Fishing, Slip-N-Slide, and Rice Salad

Nonnie, Skip and Seth

The title of this post pretty much sums up my weekend. We went to Victoria on Friday and did lots of sitting, eating and visiting, which happens to be a few of my favorite things.

Skip was able to fish quite a bit at his parent's house. He remembered to bring a rod this time, and he was catching them like crazy. I am so glad his parents live within about a hundred yards of a great pond. Here are some pics of his catches. They also live right on a golf course, so in the evening the kids can run around and play on the soft grass. We played a few soccer games without getting caught.

Saturday I went to see Georgia Rule my mother-in-law. She really wanted to see it, and so did I. However, I had no idea it was rated R and I was sadly disappointed in the entire thing. It was a strong R with very bad language and very innappropriate story lines. I know it's real life and that this is how many people live, but I left with a feeling of sickness and despair. As Beth Moore said in my Daniel study, "I am just dumber after watching that."
I spent a lot of time this weekend with Skip's grandma Nonnie who lives with his parents. Nonnie is 92 and one of the smartest ladies you could ever meet. Whenever I get her alone, I ask her tons of questions about her life as a child, about Skip's grandfather I never knew, and about her life history. She has a wonderful memory, even though she thinks it is completely failing her. I sat out in the backyard with her, and we talked about plants and flowers, which she and Skip's mother have filled the back patio with. I will need to take some pictures next time to share with everyone. I think Skip is her favorite grandchild, even though I know that is terrible to say. I can just see how much she loves him, and she took care of him so much when he was a child. She is just precious! One thing Nonnie shared with me was that when she and Skip's grandfather got married they made $10 a week. There rent was $10 a month. Can you even imagine? That was so unbelievable to me. I am trying to soak up as much wisdom as I can on the visits we have together. It is so good for my kids too.
Skip's parents bought a slip-n-slide this week and the kids had a blast playing on it while the adults visited. Actually Skip's mom was busy in the kitchen cooking. Have I told ya'll that she makes the absolute best rice salad EVER! I watched her make it this time and it looks easy as pie. Not that pie is easy for me. I will learn to make a pie someday. After all, I got the prettiest red pie plate a few months ago. Angie my sister-in-law made a chocolate DR.Pepper cake which I could not resist. We also had barbeque chicken, ribs, and sausage. I really am going to have to watch my diet in Victoria. They like to cook. A lot! Last time I visited, Skip's mom was trying some recipes from the Jan Karon Mitford cookbook I bought her for her birthday last year. She is really enjoying it. She has also read the Mark of the Trilogy series by Francine Rivers. I just gave her the set for Mother's Day, as she couldn't put them down. I need to borrow them. I only have the first one, and haven't been able to sit down and get into it yet.
Overall the weekend was great, except having to say goodbye to Skip last night. He didn't want us to leave. He said to just let the kids skip the last two weeks of school and hang out with him in Victoria while he works. There is no way I can do that to my sweet in-laws. It is tiring enough for them to have Nonnie and Skip with them and us on the weekends.
We had an open house yesterday, but I haven't heard anything from my realtor yet. We are actually checking in Victoria to see if anyone is going on a vacation so we can housesit until our house sells. You never know. I really thought it would sell this week for some reason. We haven't had any new lookers since last week, and those buyers are just beginning to look through the hundreds of houses on the market in my city, and in my price range. It will happen and I know that this is God's timing. However, it is still hard. My babies, yes I still call them my babies, are missing their daddy like crazy. Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend with your families. God bless you, and I can't wait to catch up will all your blogs this week.

May 15, 2007

A Great Weekend and Some Treats from My Peeps

Skip had an amazing weekend as worship pastor at Parkway church. Everyone was so supportive and loving to us. I was able to sit through church with my babies, my mother, my sister and her husband,and her two children. I also went to a Saturday night service with my sweet mother-in-law and my father-in-law. I wish I could say how blessed I feel that even though I am leaving so much behind in Corpus, I know that this move is going to bring happiness in so many ways.

Yesterday, the pastor's wives of BAF, treated me to lunch as a farewell sendoff. It was so wonderful to visit with all the girls together one last time. I can't begin to tell you how much I love each and every one of them. They inspire, encourage and love me. What a joy to know each of them. I know a couple of them read this blog occasionally, so-Thank you Jessica, Terri, April, Lindsey, Cathy, Amy and Leslie! So in the stolen words from my hubby, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Jessica gave me such a beautiful name canvas that says, "Home is where our story begins". Don't you just love that? It is so neutral in color that it will go anywhere. Just perfect!

Terri gave me the lovely journal, stationary, picture frame and notepad. We took the picture together last summer at a wedding. Amy gave me the beautiful plate, coffee mug, and decorative napkins. There was chocolate too, but I already shared it all with Ashley. It was delicious! Amy also presented the gift in a beautiful ribbon display which I wish I had a picture of. These friends of mine are so creative. Amy is also the one who makes purses which I will make sure to post the website when it is up. You are all going to want one of her specialty handbags.

This was such a nice surprise. Lindsey and April had this made by our talented friend Candy. If you look closely and click on the picture it is my blog title. They were both there the night I had the carnation experience from which I wrote my title story, and then used it for my title. Isn't it precious? It makes me want to do my bathroom in these fun colors, or if we get to have an office in the next house.

May 11, 2007

Friday Fun

It was a wonderful week despite being away from Skip for 5 days and 4 nights. He was able to really dig into his job, and work without distractions. Annie has had a hard time with her daddy being gone, but the other two are doing fine. I appreciate Skip so much more now. He normally does most of the cooking in the evenings, and I know the kids are reading for some Daddy meals.

Guess what? The house is showing at noon today. Please join me in prayer. We haven't had anyone look for three weeks. I am just so excited to have someone come and look. Everything looks great (the yard, the plants, etc.). I just know it will happen soon, and I will be starting my new life with Skip in Victoria.

I met last night with my neighborhood bunco group probably for the last time. It is such a great group of ladies. This is the first home we've lived in where we've really reached out and made good friends with our neighbors. I am going to make sure I continue to do this in Victoria when we move.

Annie has a Mother's Day Tea at school today. Annie told me to bring a kleenex. Since I was already crying when I was braiding her hair this morning and putting on her beautiful Easter dress, I think I better take a whole box. She is such a precious treasure to me. I just read Barb's blog this morning about her grandson Cameron, and I just lost it, praising God for my healthy babies. Please join me in lifting him up in prayer. I know what it is like having a sick child, and the uncertainty it can bring.

I am on my last week of homework for my Daniel study. I HAVE NEVER loved a study so much. I know I always say this, but YOU MUST DO THIS STUDY! I started to get a little teary eyed yesterday thinking how much I am going to miss my Thursday mornings with my sweet friends. I hope they continue meeting together when I'm gone. Every one of these ladies should be leading their own bible studies. There is so much wisdom and love in each one of them.

Since this will probably be my last post before Mother's Day, I want to wish all of you a Very Happy Mother's Day. I especially want to wish my mommy a VERY BLESSED DAY! I will get to see her in Victoria this weekend and go to church with her.

This is Skip's first weekend as the official Worship Pastor at Parkway Church. Yay!!!!! He is so excited! I am so excited for him, and for all that God will use him to accomplish at this awesome place. Isn't our God good? Yes, yes He is!

May 6, 2007

My Baby's Moving On

Tonight we went to a sweet going away party for my hubby at church. I did pretty good at not crying until I started to realize that I'm not going to see all these beautiful people every weekend like I have over the last several years. Many of these people have been like my family. I am so blessed to have been apart of this miracle church, and I can't wait to see what God continues to do here. I haven't actually said my goodbyes to my dearest bible study friends, or my other close friends. I know I will continue to see them until my home sells. Skip, however, is now going to work full time in Victoria. He is going to try to come home a couple of nights a week. We have never spent more than a night or two away from each other at any given time, so this is going to be new for me. I don't know how the military wives do it. I am so spoiled having Skip home all the time. I am so glad he has a place to stay at his parent's home, and will have time to focus on his ministry with very few distractions.

Our house is still for sale, and I am still Believing God.

May 3, 2007

A Rare Treasure

I was attempting to clean out clutter in my garage last night when I came across a rare treasure in the history of Skip and Susie's life together. I found a video we made together in high school. We, along with two other friends(Melissa and Derrick), had been studying for an Algebra 2 test, and during a break we decided to do an impromptu video of our own version of the "We Are The World" Video. It is hilarious! Our personalities are so similiar to how we are now that it is scary. We were the best of friends then, but had no romantic feelings until years later. It was such a cool thing for my kids to see what their parents were like as teens (I think we were juniors at the time.) I was wearing a bright yellow sleeveless sweater with Jams. I also had the matching green bandana in my hair tied up at the top with my spiral permed hair. Skip was skinny, 80's hair, tan, and stinkin hilarious as usual. We had such chemistry, and weren't even dating. We need to capture this onto a dvd and post it sometime. Too funny!