Jan 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Bub!

Here are some various pictures of my sweet bubba. How we started calling him "bubba" I will never understand. He looks like anything but a bubba. Thankfully the name stays at home ONLY! Today is his birthday and I want to share with you a little about this amazing son of mine.

Ten Interesting Things about Seth
1. Seth could name and identify about 40 or more dinosaurs when he was only 4 yrs. old.
2. We often think he will make an excellent lawyer because he can argue his way out of anything. He remembers everything and will bring up past cases if necessary.
3. He is obsessed with football and basketball stats. He not only knows the players and the coaches from just about every team, he can also tell you where they went to college, what their parents' names are and where they like to vacation. Okay, I'm exaggerating a tad bit.
4. He loves music and his favs are the Newsboys, All American Rejects and Toby Mac.
5. He is learning electric guitar from Skip, but most of the time he just jams as loud as possible.
6. Seth underwent 3 surgeries within the first 8 months of his life. Two surgeries were to correct a defect which did not allow him to eat without severe reflux. The third was an emergency surgery due to adhesions which had formed from the past surgeries.
7. He loves beef ribs, pork ribs, and the famous McRib. His favorite ribs to date were found at The Local Grill in Estes Park, Colorado. I actually am taking him lunch today at his school. Guess what I'm bringing him? McDonald's here I come.
8. He is the funniest kid I know. His humor is second only to his father, but it is a pretty close second.
9. Seth also has CCD, central core disease. He was born with dislocated hips at birth and though he miraculously did not require any surgery, he did wear a harness type of brace for a while to keep his legs apart so the hips could seed in place. We did go in for surgery at 17 months to have him put in a cast with possible cutting of the bone to put the hips in place correctly. But when Seth's surgeon did an xray to see exactly what procedure they would need to do, he was in shock. He came out into the waiting room and said, "I don't know what to say, the x-ray is now showing that Seth's hips have seeded into place as if we had had him in a cast for 6 weeks." We had just had xrays done a couple of weeks before surgery to show otherwise. We started falling down praising God. Even our surgeon said, "Whoever you are praying to, keep doing it. I haven't ever seen anything like this." Our surgeon was about 65 yrs. old at that time. I really need to write a book someday about everything Seth went through. I want all of you to know that CCD is a form of Muscular Dystrophy. It is not life threatening and Seth's is a mild case-Thank you Jesus. Whenever you donate to MD, you are helping find a cure for Seth's future children. He has a 50% chance of passing it on. My girls do not have it and therefore cannot pass it on. You have to have it to pass it usually, although there are some cases that have shown up randomly. We have learned from Seth's diagnosis that Skip, Skip's mom, Skip's grandfather, and Skip's great-great grandmother all had this disease. Seth was able to shed a lot of light on things for all of them. Some parents I've met online have children with very severe cases in which their children will never walk, and multiple children with the disease. WE FEEL TRULY BLESSED!
10. Seth's name means "the chosen one" or "the appointed" one. We know that he is destined for greatness. We sure think he's great already.

Jan 29, 2007

Quick Sunday Update

Can I just say... God is so good! Seth is feeling so much better. He hasn't thrown up once and his stomach hasn't cramped at all since Saturday Morning. We started juicing for him again. I am doing about 6-8 ounces of fresh fruit juices in the morning and about the same amout of vegetable juice in the afternoon. He is taking it well much to my surprise. It is so much work to use and clean a juicer, but I am seeing the rewards already. We decided to make a trip to Victoria Sunday afternoon to visit family and celebrate birthdays and we just got back tonight. Thank you all so much for the prayers and emails. It means so much to me. We are still going to get him checked out very soon to see what is happening in that tummy of his.

Jan 27, 2007

Birthdays, Prayer Request and Praise!

Happy 7th Birthday Annie
I love you so much!

Well, my Annie Beth is 7 today and I was looking for some pictures from her past to describe her personality a bit to you. These last two pictures were taken at a stay in Colorado about four years ago when our cabin only had a shower(which Annie refused to go in). We laugh at these pictures because it represents the two distinct personalities that Annie possesses. She is the happiest, most joyful, fun-loving, helpful child you could ever meet, and then she is ...um...let's just say-Watch out! I can't believe that my baby is seven. I thought somehow she would stay little forever. She hasn't. We went to Cracker Barrell for her birthday breakfast this morning along with every other human being in a 30 mile radius. She had a great time and can't wait to celebrate later next week with her friends. She is having a spa party, and I'm sure I will be posting pictures then.

Also, my friend Tiffany just celebrated her birthday yesterday. Go by if you get a chance and tell her Happy Birthday.
Prayer Request: My 10 year old son Seth has been having a lot of digestive issues on and off this week. We thought he had a stomach bug last weekend when he threw up a couple of times, but now we are starting to get a little concerned. About 10-20 minutes after he eats his stomach starts to cramp. Last night he threw up about 45 minutes after he ate, and then felt fine. He did the same thing this morning. I am trying to keep calm and look for other symptoms before I'm off to the E.R. When he was 7 and 1/2 months old, we almost lost him due to adhensions that had formed from his first two abdominal surgeries. Since that time until now, we haven't had any adhesions. I am trying not to panic, but I am going to take him in if it continues. He has been playing all day just fine, but I am not giving him much to eat. I juiced some carrot and apple and then he had some applesauce. He has kept that down. He wanted a little pasta, so I made him about 1 cup and so far so good. Please pray for wisdom on my part to know when to take this seriously. He is so thin as it is, I can't imagine him undergoing surgery again. Regardless I will get him into the pediatrician on Monday so we can get him checked out. Thank you in advance for praying!
Lastly on a positive note, I received a call from my sister who shared some good news with me. On Wednesday night we were talking about my nephew Matt and the fact he hasn't had any work since Hannah Montana other than a few student films and an independent film in which there is no pay. His agency was not happy with the fact that he wasn't booking, yet auditioning quite a bit. Well, within 24 hours of talking to her, Matt booked two small jobs. He will have a scene at the end of the OC season finale and a scene on The Office. He is filming both within the next week. Very exciting for him! This will finally get him his SAG card, which may lead to further roles. Yay Matt!

Jan 24, 2007

For The Health of It

Our church is currently doing a series on getting ourselves healthy. I have been on fruits, veggies and water only for almost 5 straight days. Well I did have one Sugar free Red Bull on Saturday and Sunday, but other than that it has been water only. I didn't really get the caffeine headache I thought I might. I guess I don't drink as much coffee and cokes as I thought I did. The entire church is trying to get healthy so it makes it so much easier. I am going to stick with this menu for 10 days and then slowly add some meat and fish, maybe even coffee. My husband and I have many conversations like this, "Honey, want would you like for dinner tonight? Salad, or salad?" " Oh, I guess salad is fine." We have to laugh about it or we might go absolutely bonkers. I know that a lot of churches do these kinds of things, and I am so happy ours did because I want to be healthier, and not so tired at the end of each day. I haven't really lost more than a pound or two, but I think I will as soon as my body gets out of complete and udder shock. We were at Applebee's today having (you guessed it) salads, and we started asking each other what food we craved the most right now. Mine was Coconut shrimp and a twice baked potato from Joe's CrabShack (lots of cheese on top) and Skip's was fried gizzards from Pete's Fried Chicken. I had to laugh for about 5 minutes. Do other people seriously crave gizzards or is it just my peculiar sweetie? Actually Big Mama's household eats Elk Burgers - go figure.

Jan 23, 2007

Good Christian Music

I was really wondering how many other bloggers purchase Christian music on a regular basis. In talking to my husband yesterday, he mentioned that several members of a very well known Christian band have to work during the week at day jobs and then tour on the weekends. I am thinking when do these poor guys get inspiration to write, and much less have family time. I just assumed that they were payed well because I hear their songs on the radio all the time. That is not necessarily the case with most of the artists in the Christian world unless they are REALLY big. I know many Christian songwriters like "The Fray" and "Switchfoot" are in the secular market and I can't say that I blame them. They can reach so many more people with their lyrics in the mainstream.

My husband has always bought Christian music, but now my daughter has started purchasing songs for her ipod with Itunes gift cards she received. I love that she is downloading songs from SuperChick, The Barlow Girls, The Newsboys, and many other Christian Artists. I would love for all these groups to be blessed for their desire to share the gospel through their music. Just something to talk about on a rainy cold day.

Jan 19, 2007

Matt's Debut on Hannah

Matt is in the middle with plaid shorts.

My nephew Matt's first television performance will be airing tonight on the Disney Channel. It is on at 7PM central time and 8PM eastern/pacific time. He only has a couple of lines but he does a great job. Besides, you have to start somewhere. The episode is called "Schooly Bully" and Matt is Troy McCann. I found the his brief part on YouTube for those of you who want to see it without watching the whole Hannah episode. Some of you with young kids were probably planning on watching anyway. Just click here and watch for his scene. My sister is still going back and forth from Texas to LA, but staying mostly in LA. Matt is busy with acting lessons, auditions and doing some independent films at the moment. He really wants to pursue this dream of his, and my prayer is that God will protect him in every aspect.

Jan 18, 2007

My 12 yr. old daughter Ashley told me last week that she wanted to hear more about her on my blog. She mentioned something about the fact that I mention Seth and Annie twice as much as I do her. Well Ashley, here goes a post dedicated just to you, my dear!
1. Her green eyes look just like her daddy's
2. The passion she has for animals and their safety
3. Her comic timing is truly a gift
4. She doesn't care what people think and say about her (a blessing and a curse)
5. She has a photographic memory
6. The latest song she downloaded on her ipod was "The Point of No Return" from Phantom of the Opera. SHE LOVES MUSICALS!
7. She cries at songs like "Christmas Shoes" and "Butterfly Kisses". One day we were in the car waiting at our drive thru bank listening to the radio. We both started crying so hard after listening to a song, that we then started laughing, and then we almost wet our pants.
8. She is very musical. She played the flute for 2 years and loves to play piano by ear. I need to get that girl into piano lessons.
9. She wears a ladies ten and those feet are still growing! (I wear a 7 and 1/2-go figure)
10. She loves fashion and art. She has drawings everywhere in her room. I do mean everywhere!
11. She is a wonderful writer and loves to write historical fiction.
12. Her favorite channel is the food network. She never misses American Idol, Lost, Hannah Montana or That's So Raven.
13. She is a leader and will not hesitate to tell others when something isn't right.

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Jan 17, 2007

How Do You Take Your Water?

Bare with me, this is a completely random post and very shallow in nature compared to all the wonderful posts going on in bloggityville.

That being said, I must tell you that my curiosity was sparked last week when my bunco ladies and I began to talk about our bathrooms. By the way, the picture above is not my bathroom. I wish! Love the colors and the floor! Anyway, the friend who was hosting bunco showed us her gorgeous master bathroom and everyone was doing the whole "oohing and awwing" thing, when I casually said, "You don't have a tub? Where do you take a bath?" Everyone kind of slow motion turned at me with with a strange stare, and said, "Look at that amazing shower!" I still was like, "You don't sit and soak in a tub for hours?" Obviously since we had about 5 of our 12 ladies out that night, the fellow bathers were not there to back me up. I was the only one who cherished "hot bath alone time". Then last night I read Julie's post and was like, "Yeah! Way to go Julie! I'm not a loner after all in the shower/bath thing." Then I talked to my friend Michelle about the subject and she brought me down again. No baths for her either. I personally think no one takes the time for a long soak anymore due to out-of-control busy lives, because if you did take the time, you would be hooked like me. So tell me- How do you take your water?

*Disclaimer* Excuse my usage of the word "like" throughout my blogging posts lately, it's like, I have like, a teenager who like, using the word like, like so much, that I'm like, starting to use it like, too.

Jan 16, 2007

I am so excited to post today about the great opportunity to bless Kelli and her family today. If you haven't heard all the details please go check this out. Boomama has set up a donation button to help with Kelli's transplant and family expenses. Not only is there a need to help financially, but also the best thing we can do is pray for Kelli to get well. I am so honored to join in on both. Please take time today to do what you feel led to do in this beautiful gift to a fellow christian blogger.

By the way, have you had a chance to check out Julie's new look. It was done by Susie at Bluebird Blog Designs, who happens to be donating 20% of her sales from today until Jan. 21st to Kelli and her family. There are some very giving people out there!

Totally off the subject, my family and I saw Charlotte's Web this weekend. It was beautifully done, and I had to hold back the tears a bit at the end. I love the innocence of this movie. It totally made me want to move to a small town and raise farm animals and my own veggies. I actually only thought about that for a few seconds and realized I wouldn't have my Target, Starbucks, Marshalls, HEB, Sonic, etc. That would totally not work for me. Oh well, I have used the word totally 4 times now, so I must be in some 80's time warp for the moment. It is probably because I didn't go to sleep until 1:00AM because I had to finish the novel Thr3e I had started on Sunday. It was one of those books that I couldn't put down once I started. I had it figured out pretty early on, but I had to read the whole thing to know for sure. I am more a non-fiction gal, because when I read a fiction book I get so consumed and have to finish it in a day or two. Thr3e was suspenseful and engaging, and the best part was there was absolutely no bad language or sexual content. Yes, it can be done!

Wishing all of you out there a very blessed week. Since the family and I had a very relaxing, non-stressful, veg-out weekend, I must get busy with chores. I'm popping in a favorite CD, Go by the Newsboys to keep me energized.

*Side note* Ted Dekker is the author of Thr3e. Thanks Linda for the heads up!

Jan 13, 2007

Thank You My Titus 2 Mentors

I have often shared with you about some of my wonderful mentors I have had over the years. Many of you may or may not know, but all of them are within a couple of years younger or older than me. I have the oldest children by far of any of my close mentors. I am so blessed to have these special spiritually mature women in my life, and I thank God for them daily. However, a little over a year ago, I was praying specifically for God to bring me mentors that were older than me, women who have experienced more life than I had, who had dealt with issues that often come with age and maturity. I wanted to get to know women who had been married longer, had children who survived the teenage years, who didn't obsess over the frivilous things in life(like I often do), ones I could truly trust to hear a fresh word from, and also that would get to know me apart from my role in the church. Well today I was reading a fellow blogger and commenting on her lovely post, when I was overcome with such a great joy that it brought me to tears. I have never thought about it, but God has steadily answered my prayer in a way I could have never imagined before. He has given me mentors through blogging! And almost three fourths of the blogs I read on a daily basis are women who are older than me. I didn't try to find these wonderful women on purpose. God lead me to each one individually, and at the time I got interested in their blogs, I didn't know how old any of them were. I just knew that they had wisdom that I needed to hear. I don't want to individually list all of you because you all know who you are by my daily commenting. I just praise God for the gift of each of you! I also have lots of what I consider mentors who are also my age and even younger in the blogging world. Thanks to you too! Isn't it great when God uses technology to bring forth a command in scripture.

"Likewise teach the older women to be reverant in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God." Titus 2:3-5

Jan 12, 2007

100 Things about A Pink Carnation in Bloom

Okay, I have been sort of dreading this day, but it is here so I must deal with it. It is time for my 100th post. In true tradition of the blogging world, I must come up with 100 things about myself. Here it goes:
1. I was born in Victoria, Texas.
2. I lived there until 1999.
3. I now live in the beautiful city of Corpus Christi, Texas.
4. I have brown eyes, and brown hair (at least that is the color I was born with).
5. I have a sister named Debbie who is 2 years older than me.
6. My baby brother, Billy, is 6 years younger.
7. My dad named me Susan, but I have only been called Susie my whole life.
8. Often a teacher would call me Susan, and I wouldn't respond. It is like Susan is foreign to me.
9. I loved my childhood.
10. It is only now that I am older that I see my childhood was less than perfect.
11. I was saved between 7 and 8 years old at vacation bible school. I wish I could remember the exact time but God will share that with me in heaven.
12. I rededicated my life to Christ at 18 and was baptized.
13. I then rededicated my life to Christ again right after Skip and I were married and that will do it hopefully.
14. I got sidetracked a little from my walk during the college years.
15. I went to Victoria College for 2 years before transferring to Southwest Texas (Now Texas State).
16. I stayed one semester and was too homesick.
17. I wasted a lot of my parents money during that 5 month period.
18. I was an Alpha Xi Delta.
19. I transfered to Texas A&M in College Station (we have a Texas A&M Corpus Christi too)
20. I graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies/minor in English.
21. I barely made it through Physics and PreCalculus- not a math whiz here.
22. I went to A&M to follow a boy (not Skip)who I had dated for 2 years.
23. We planned to get married upon graduation.
24. I decided to break up with the guy, upon realizing my true love was actually my best friend Skip.
25. Second best decision I ever made, the first was giving my heart to Christ.
26. Forgot to mention, my parents divorced during my stay at Southwest Texas.
27. My father was an alcoholic and wasn't faithful.
28. Shortly after my parents divorced, my dad realized he had lost his wife and kids and quit drinking cold turkey. He hasn't drank since.
29. He and my mom both remarried (to other people) within 9 months of me.
30. Skip and I married in June of 1992.
31. We had our precious Ashley in June of 1994.
32. My daddy got saved after much prayer by many people a couple of months before his new marriage.
33. I love my daddy and he is a changed man. I don't really remember him being a daddy to me before he was a christian, but now he is who I look to for spiritual guidance.
34. I could not be more proud of him and his relationship with Christ.
35. I love my daddy and don't even get me started with my sweet mommy.
36. I never talk about my mom because we rarely talk anymore except for short visits.
37. She was the best mother a girl could ever have.
38. She is remarried to someone else and our lives have grown apart somewhat.
39. I love her with all my heart and I hope she knows that.
40. I tell her all the time I love her and she does the same, but divorce is definitely a downer in families.
41. I can get sidetracked easily.
42. Okay, back to me. I love to read, but I don't do it as much as I'd like.
43. I am totally in love with my hubby.
44. He is a musician, and artist which can be hard at times to live with.
45. He is stinkin' hilarious and that is what first attracted me to him.
46. We have the most passionate relationship I could ever ask for.
47. My husband is the giver in the relationship and I love that about him.
48. I tend to fear a lot.
49. I fear something happening to my precious husband.
50. He had hip replacement this year, and he continues to have pain mgmt. for his other hip.
51. God is really having me turn that fear over to him.
51. I am a pastor's wife.
52. It is not a role I signed up for when we married, but I have gladly accepted as an honor and privelege.
53. Many times I feel I don't measure up, but God extends that tape measure of grace every time I need it.
54. I taught third grade for 5 years after I was married.
55. I had to quit to stay home with my 2nd child Seth.
56. Seth was born in 1997.
58. He had two operations in the first month of life and stayed for a full 28 days in the NICU at Methodist hospital in San Antonio.
59. Luckily, Skip's brother Mark had an apartment in SA so we were able to stay near Seth during this time.
60. Skip's awesome parents were his employer so he was given paid time off for an entire month to be with me and Seth.
61. Ashley was 2 and stayed with all three sets of grandparents in Victoria where we lived at the time. Ashley is by far the easiest of my three. She is such a sweet 12 year old and as good as can be. There really are sweet young girls out there still.
62. This was one of the hardest time of my life. Until 7 months later when Seth almost died from adhensions that formed from scar tissue had blocked off his intestines and we almost lost him. He had stopped absorbing food and was only 10lbs. 7 oz. at 7 months old. He was born 8lbs. 11oz. We had an awesome surgeon and an amazing God that literally saved his life. They said an hour later getting him in the operating room would have meant losing his life.
63. I need to write a book about Seth someday. God has done some miracles in his life I need to share at some point.
64. I was on whole foods, live food diet for a year and a half after Seth's last surgery. He got healthy and so did we.
65. I lost 15 lbs.
66. Needless to say, I moved to Corpus when Skip was offered a full time position at Bay Area Fellowship 8 years ago and we've eaten unhealthy ever since.
67. I love food.
68. Mexican food is my favorite overall.
69. Skip and I often have date night at Joe's Crabshack because we love the coconut shrimp.
70. I love to write.
71. My real problem is grammer, punctuation and the loathing part of editing.
72. My goal for the next year is to write more and do something with my writings.
73. I love music.
74. I cannot sing. Let me rephrase. I can sing, but not well.
75. Since my husband is a music/media pastor, he has incredibly talented women singing around him each week. Let's just say I try to keep my singing to a minimum when he's around.
When he is gone, look out!
76. I love all types of music and it is a very important part of my life and my happiness. I usually listen to it most of the day when I'm home.
77. I am blessed with so many wonderful friends, but my best friend is Skip.
78. Oh, I almost forgot my sweet baby Annie.
79. Annie was born in the year 2000. How cool is that?
80. Annie has only 2 moods. One is the cutest, sweetest, happiest, joyful thing you have ever laid eyes on, or two, the run and hide because Annie is on a rampage. Is rampage a word?
81. She has the most beautiful olive skin, perfect 6(almost 7)year old ripped body(I am not kidding this girl has muscles), and the biggest Angelinal Jolie lips ever. We are going to have our hands full when she is 16.
82. I lead a bible study in my home. I have done this for a year and loved every minute of it.
83. I don't consider myself a teacher, but I love having women in my home and sharing life with them.
84. I belong to a neighborhood bunco group. I love my neighbors and my neighborhood.
85. I also host Remix(youth group) with Skip in my home each week. We are amazed at how much we love working with junior high. I hope they are as encouraged each week as we are.
86. I want to work in our Church's bookstore, but I haven't started volunteering.
87. I hesitate to commit to something unless I am absolutely sure I want to help.
88. I am very loyal and I hate to quit something when I start it.
89. Therefore I will probably never end my in home bible study as long as these beautiful ladies keep coming. I will also keep doing remix for as long as they let me.
90. I have dreams of being a real writer someday.
91. I have big insecurities about my writing.
92. My prayer continues to be to follow what God's purpose is even though it scares me sometimes.
93. I need to trust more. Ouch! I base a lot of trust on past hurts, and it is hard for me to forget when I have been wronged.
94. I hate lying and I won't tolerate it.
95. I love my life and feel very blessed to stay at home.
96. I do often feel like there is something I am missing and want to do more in life.
97. I love blogging and the friends I have made along the way.
98. Oops we are running out of time, I love movies,too(mostly chick flicks).
99. My favorite bands are Newsboys and Duran Duran (I am a definite 80's girl).
100. I would love to continue to honor God in all I say and do on this blog adventure. May you see traces of my Heavenly Father in what you read and want to know Him even more along the way.

God Bless You for reading this very long post!

Jan 11, 2007

There's Always a First Time

I actually did something today that I've never done before in my life. I went to the movie theater alone. I was dying to see The Holiday over Christmas, but Skip and I never made the time. I looked online and saw that it was leaving tomorrow, so I decided to go for it. It may not seem like a big deal to many of you, but I really had to talk myself into going. I don't know if its an insecurity or the fact that I don't just normally treat myself like this. I must say that I had the best time. It was a total chick flick and I laughed and cried. I brought my favorite candy Almond Joys (the minis) and I won't tell you how many I ate. After all it was my lunch today, and I was treating myself. Oh, I also indulged in a small buttered popcorn with a diet coke (great combination). If you get a chance, you must rent this movie when it comes out on dvd. It has a great cast and it just made me smile. Of course you are going to have some of the hollywood stuff that tends to come with most movies nowdays, but overall it was very good. I love Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, and Jack Black. Oh, and I couldn't forget Jude Law. He is well..uhh..he is ...uhh... I think he ...uhh... He is a really good actor. Yeah, that's it. Okay, I'm sorry, I am a pushover for a British accent. Seriously, it is a very cute movie and you must go see it.

Jan 8, 2007

Praise God, That Was Quick!!!

My friend Annie just called me back. Unbelievably, she just got a call from CPS and they've decided to keep the kids with her for now. They had been planning to take them away since last week, and when they called her this morning they were waiting on one more signature. They changed their mind, and gave her a call just a bit ago. Wow, how is that for the power of prayer. She is just praising God like crazy and so am I. Thank you for any of you who said a quick prayer. I am continuing to pray for Annie and her husband to adopt these babies so they won't have to ever go through this again. Be blessed everyone!

If any of you want an extra special blessing today, then you must go by Julie's to hear a beautiful devotional she wrote called called "Alright, Who Took the Remote?" which is part of her new Meaningful Monday Post. I loved it!

Urgent Prayer Needed!!!

My sweet friend Annie is a foster mom and she's received some devasting news today. She has been told that 3 of her babies she has been fostering will be removed soon. The birth mom lives in a different town now, so CPS is finding a home for them closer to the mom. It is a long story, but I will tell you that Annie is the only mom that these kids know. Their are twins (a boy and a girl )that I believe are two now and then there is a three year old boy. Annie is as good as it gets, and she loves these kids as if they were her own. She wanted to have them forever, as the birth mom is not really able to take care of them or does she desire to do that. I am praying for a miracle in this situation. We have been praying in my bible study for almost a year for this situation to never happen, and it has. Please lift Annie and her precious family up in prayer today. On a side note, I will never forget that Annie told me once that the older little boy's favorite song is Matt Redman's "You Never Let Go". He loves it and recites it often. I am posting the lyrics, just because I need to read them too.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Your perfect love is casting out fear
And even when I’m caught in the middle of the storms of this life
I won’t turn back
I know You are near

And I will fear no evil
For my God is with me
And if my God is with me
Whom then shall I fear?
Whom then shall I fear?

Oh no, You never let go
Through the calm and through the storm
Oh no, You never let go
In every high and every low
Oh no, You never let go
Lord, You never let go of me

And I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on
A glorious light beyond all compare
And there will be an end to these troubles
But until that day comes We’ll live to know You here on the earth

Yes, I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on
And there will be an end to these troubles
But until that day comes
Still I will praise You, still I will praise You

Chorus: (2x’s)

Jan 6, 2007

"Tell Me What You Think" Meme

I was trying to think of a fun meme to do since I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front over the past couple of weeks. It isn't that I haven't wanted to post, it's just that I've had a little bit of a writer's slump. I did have some really silly questions in mind, but I wanted to challenge myself with something different. Here it goes:

1. As a child, what did you always say you wanted to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a wife and a mother. I also wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I did all of the three, but I don't think I want to go back to teaching. I taught for 5 years, and I was emotionally drained each day I came home. I think teachers truly have the hardest job on the planet and often the most thankless. If you are a teacher, thank you!

2. If you had to choose one thing that you've always dreamed of doing, what would it be? What is stopping you? I would have something published one day. I have stories, songs and a children's book written, but the thought of doing something with it frightens me to death. It is always about fear with me.

3. Who is your biggest fan? Who is always encouraging you to be all that you can be? My hubby, of course. Other than him, my friend Liana is definitely hands down my biggest cheerleader.

4. What bible study or book (besides the obvious-the Bible) has most impacted your life to date? That is a hard one for me because every study that I've ever done, has helped in some way or another. I loved Breaking Free by Beth Moore. Elizabeth George's A Woman After God's Own Heart truly had a huge impact on my marriage, my parenting, and my walk with Christ.

5. When are you the happiest? I am most happy when I am walking daily with God(in His word, praying constantly), when I speak with kindness and love, when everyone in my family is healthy, when I know that I have truly done my best at something, when I feel God's presence overwhelm me, opening my home to others, giving, and soaking in a hot bath(no interruptions).

I am deciding to tag anyone who wants to join in. I would love to hear your answers and your heart. I thought it might be fun to meet some people who share my name, so Susie, Susie and Susan, please join in.

Jan 5, 2007

Five Ingredients Friday (Triple Nut Diamonds)

It has been a while since I've participated in "Five Ingredients Friday" hosted by Overwhelmed with Joy, but I really enjoyed this recipe I tried during the Christmas holidays. I found the recipe in the Taste of Home magazine titled "Best Holiday Recipes". If you love nuts as much as I do, you will certainly enjoy this one. Sorry it is 7 and not 5 ingredients. Actually if you count the 3 different kind of nuts, it is 9. (Shhh, don't tell.)
Triple Nut Diamonds
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup cold butter, divided
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
2 Tablespoons honey
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
2/3 cup each chopped pecans, walnuts and almonds
Line a greased 9-in. square baking pan with foil; grease the foil and set aside. In a bowl, combine the flour and the sugar. Cut in 1/4 cup butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs; press into prepared pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
In a saucepan, heat the brown sugar, honey and remaining butter until bubbly. Boil for 1 minute. Remove from the heat; stir in cream and nuts. Pour over crust. Bake at 350 degrees for 16-20 minutes or until surface is bubbly. Cool on a wire rack.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Using foil, lift bars out of pan; cut into 1-in. diamonds or whatever size you want. I made my diamonds about 3 in. each. Store in airtight container.
If you would like to participate in "Five Ingredient Friday" head on over to Overwhelmed with Joy.

Jan 1, 2007

My Spiritual Health Plan for the New Year

Our First Picture of the New Year Taken Late Last Night While Hanging out with Friends

Trying to come up with Resolutions (I won't break) each year is always a little difficult for me. Do to my failure with many diets and exercise programs in the past, I usually opt for more deep inward goals. However, there is also a high level of failure in that category. I've decided to ask God this morning to show up and help me with writing some goals that He would have for my life this year. One thing I "know for sure" as Oprah often says, is that I see God showing up most in my life when I am reading his word daily. I do use a one-year bible, but I also must have some sort of personal bible study going on to to keep my mind emersed in Him. At age 39, I know what keeps me on track, and this is it.
1. Start each day in God's Word. I will give Him my "first" each morning. (Actually, I will get the kids off to school and then give Him my first moments.) I don't focus well without a little caffeine and a quiet house.

I am very afraid to take chances in life. I always think someone else can do "it" better so why even try to do what I desire. I know this is a lie, so this year I want to start putting my dreams and desires into reality. God has given each of us gifts to share, and I want to share mine for His sake.
2. Let go of my fears and past failures. Seek God's plan for my life and His purposes. Stop worrying about what others will say or think, and TRUST HIM FOR EVERYTHING!

I have personally witnessed so many miracles and blessings this year, but the thing that has stuck out the most is the blessings of new relationships. I don't ever want to limit myself to a new friendship God has in store for me because I am having too much fun with my current ones. I love my church friends, I love my blogging friends and I love my sweet"bestest" friends (you know who all of you are), but I want friends too that I share my Jesus with. There are many families right on my own street that are lost and need to hear the truth.
3. Invest in new relationships. Share my faith more boldly with those who are in need.

Skip and I know the importance of good health and nutrition because we have witnessed it firsthand with our son Seth(another post for another day). However, we have been living large, supersized, extra fried lives for about 8 years since we've moved to Corpus and are trying to figure out how to apply what we know is true in the health aspect of our lives. We know it's about choices and willpower, but we both have become very lazy. I also haven't been to any doctor besides my obgyn and my dentist(every six months-thank you very much) for over 20 years. Shocking, yes I know. I need to see a dermatologist about some things, and I need a good physical with blood work done.
4. Introduce my family to a healthier diet this year. Add more whole foods to their meals and over time incorporate a lifestyle change. Take care of my own personal health needs.

There are so many other things I could mention, but my fingers are already tired and I'm sure your about to close this page if it's not wrapped up soon. Lastly, I find this the hardest to write because it is where I have often failed the most. I need to be a more loving, supportive wife to my husband. I need him to find rest in my presence and praise on my lips as he comes home each day. We will celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary this year, but he has been my friend for 23 and a half years. He has put up with pms, big 80's hair, 3 pregnancies, my insecurities, fits with skinny jeans(80's and currently), my 3AM talks when I know God wants to tell me something and most of all "my mouth". Don't get me wrong, we have the most passionate relationship and I would climb Everest for him if he asked(or maybe a very large hill). What he needs the most, I often withhold.
5. Respect my husband and support him in his ministry. I will try to make a point to get more involved in what interests him. Yes, even if that means I need to learn each player on the Dallas Cowboys and know about the latest bigfoot sighting in Apache County, Arizona.

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!