Jan 6, 2007

"Tell Me What You Think" Meme

I was trying to think of a fun meme to do since I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front over the past couple of weeks. It isn't that I haven't wanted to post, it's just that I've had a little bit of a writer's slump. I did have some really silly questions in mind, but I wanted to challenge myself with something different. Here it goes:

1. As a child, what did you always say you wanted to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a wife and a mother. I also wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I did all of the three, but I don't think I want to go back to teaching. I taught for 5 years, and I was emotionally drained each day I came home. I think teachers truly have the hardest job on the planet and often the most thankless. If you are a teacher, thank you!

2. If you had to choose one thing that you've always dreamed of doing, what would it be? What is stopping you? I would have something published one day. I have stories, songs and a children's book written, but the thought of doing something with it frightens me to death. It is always about fear with me.

3. Who is your biggest fan? Who is always encouraging you to be all that you can be? My hubby, of course. Other than him, my friend Liana is definitely hands down my biggest cheerleader.

4. What bible study or book (besides the obvious-the Bible) has most impacted your life to date? That is a hard one for me because every study that I've ever done, has helped in some way or another. I loved Breaking Free by Beth Moore. Elizabeth George's A Woman After God's Own Heart truly had a huge impact on my marriage, my parenting, and my walk with Christ.

5. When are you the happiest? I am most happy when I am walking daily with God(in His word, praying constantly), when I speak with kindness and love, when everyone in my family is healthy, when I know that I have truly done my best at something, when I feel God's presence overwhelm me, opening my home to others, giving, and soaking in a hot bath(no interruptions).

I am deciding to tag anyone who wants to join in. I would love to hear your answers and your heart. I thought it might be fun to meet some people who share my name, so Susie, Susie and Susan, please join in.


Susie said...

Hi Susie,
It's very nice to meet you! What a special name!
I'll do this meme, but it might be a few days..Thanks for thinking of me.

Janice said...

I enjoyed reading this meme. Thank you for your comment. It has been a hard couple of weeks at work and other things going on. That definition of prayer really spoke to me and I needed to hear it.

Susanne said...

What a nice meme! You're very creative thinking of it!

Pamela said...

Susie, it was nice learning a little more about you. I never realized you were a teacher like my brother. I will pray you get the courage to follow your dreams regarding all those books and songs just waiting to be published and enjoyed by your soon to be fans! :)

Blessed Assurances said...

Great idea! I played along-always fun to get to know others and even more fun when they share the same name!


Linda said...

This was a really thoughtful meme Susie. It is so nice to get to know you even better. I think you should send in your writing. You do such a wonderful job on your blog. I do know how you feel though. I have the same dream and just don't seem to do anything about it. Maybe we can just encourage each other in this. I will if you will :)

Robin said...

I'm doing Breaking Free right now. Maybe I'll try Elizabeth George's next!

On another note, tell your hubby we're grieving with him over the Cowboy's loss last night. =(

Julie said...

Well, it's always nice to get to know you better.

I pray that you will not allow fear to be an obstacle and that if it's God's will, you will pursue your dreams of being published.

Joyce Meyer said something that I love: DO IT AFRAID.

Barb said...

My daughter teaches third grade. You are so right. She works a many if not more hours outside the classroom than she does inside it. I wouldn't say it's a thankless job, because I know her students and their parents love her, but she sure earns every bit of her salary.

What great answers you had to these questions.

Eagles Wings said...

I'm gonna try this one, but won't be able to finish until tomorrow...

BrideOfChrist said...

Hello! I just came across your blog today - Its amazing how many wonderful godly women there are on here! I can't wait to read through it more :)