Jan 1, 2007

My Spiritual Health Plan for the New Year

Our First Picture of the New Year Taken Late Last Night While Hanging out with Friends

Trying to come up with Resolutions (I won't break) each year is always a little difficult for me. Do to my failure with many diets and exercise programs in the past, I usually opt for more deep inward goals. However, there is also a high level of failure in that category. I've decided to ask God this morning to show up and help me with writing some goals that He would have for my life this year. One thing I "know for sure" as Oprah often says, is that I see God showing up most in my life when I am reading his word daily. I do use a one-year bible, but I also must have some sort of personal bible study going on to to keep my mind emersed in Him. At age 39, I know what keeps me on track, and this is it.
1. Start each day in God's Word. I will give Him my "first" each morning. (Actually, I will get the kids off to school and then give Him my first moments.) I don't focus well without a little caffeine and a quiet house.

I am very afraid to take chances in life. I always think someone else can do "it" better so why even try to do what I desire. I know this is a lie, so this year I want to start putting my dreams and desires into reality. God has given each of us gifts to share, and I want to share mine for His sake.
2. Let go of my fears and past failures. Seek God's plan for my life and His purposes. Stop worrying about what others will say or think, and TRUST HIM FOR EVERYTHING!

I have personally witnessed so many miracles and blessings this year, but the thing that has stuck out the most is the blessings of new relationships. I don't ever want to limit myself to a new friendship God has in store for me because I am having too much fun with my current ones. I love my church friends, I love my blogging friends and I love my sweet"bestest" friends (you know who all of you are), but I want friends too that I share my Jesus with. There are many families right on my own street that are lost and need to hear the truth.
3. Invest in new relationships. Share my faith more boldly with those who are in need.

Skip and I know the importance of good health and nutrition because we have witnessed it firsthand with our son Seth(another post for another day). However, we have been living large, supersized, extra fried lives for about 8 years since we've moved to Corpus and are trying to figure out how to apply what we know is true in the health aspect of our lives. We know it's about choices and willpower, but we both have become very lazy. I also haven't been to any doctor besides my obgyn and my dentist(every six months-thank you very much) for over 20 years. Shocking, yes I know. I need to see a dermatologist about some things, and I need a good physical with blood work done.
4. Introduce my family to a healthier diet this year. Add more whole foods to their meals and over time incorporate a lifestyle change. Take care of my own personal health needs.

There are so many other things I could mention, but my fingers are already tired and I'm sure your about to close this page if it's not wrapped up soon. Lastly, I find this the hardest to write because it is where I have often failed the most. I need to be a more loving, supportive wife to my husband. I need him to find rest in my presence and praise on my lips as he comes home each day. We will celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary this year, but he has been my friend for 23 and a half years. He has put up with pms, big 80's hair, 3 pregnancies, my insecurities, fits with skinny jeans(80's and currently), my 3AM talks when I know God wants to tell me something and most of all "my mouth". Don't get me wrong, we have the most passionate relationship and I would climb Everest for him if he asked(or maybe a very large hill). What he needs the most, I often withhold.
5. Respect my husband and support him in his ministry. I will try to make a point to get more involved in what interests him. Yes, even if that means I need to learn each player on the Dallas Cowboys and know about the latest bigfoot sighting in Apache County, Arizona.

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!


momrn2 said...

I too tend to make more inward goals rather than "resolutions".

I enjoyed reading these items on your list! They challenged me as I too could use some work on each one of these areas!

Happy New Years to you!

Susanne said...

Susie those are awesome! And some of them really convicted me also! You should post these on the link at Laurel's New Years Meditations. (Laurel Wreath). You and I seem alot alike in the way we feel and think. I'm glad I "met" you the last year and I look forward to sharing this year with you!

Tiffany said...

I'm with you girl. I just thought of all that this morning as I was reading my bible. I need to let go of past mistakes, pick my battles and learn to release some control and more importantly just be a good friend to my husband and be a better wife and love him more then I did last year. Happy New year to you to.

Julie said...

It's an uphill battle regarding what our families eat, isn't it?
My kids think I'm some sort of freak because I won't let them drink pop every single day. If they had it their way, it would be Pop-Tarts for breakfast, some form of fast-food for lunch, and pizza and pop for dinner. THEN ice-cream.

We just have to be diligent to have healthy choices on hand. I'm really trying hard not to say "No this, no that" but instead say, "Let's make a healthy choice right now..."

Thankfully, my kids love to take walks with me, ride bikes, play paintball, and they are fairly active...that's half the battle!

And girl, I am RIGHT THERE with you on the importance of God's word every day. Period! I tell my kids that they feed their bodies every day...well, they must feed their spirits as well in order to grow.

Great post, Susie. Sorry I've gone on so long....again. *grin*

New Year's blessings to you!

Barb said...

First of all, Girl, you do NOT look 39! Second of all, you two are just a gorgeous couple. And third, goals are a lot more attainable than resolutions. These are awesome goals. I have no doubt you'll accomplish this.

Oh. And fourth, I have no idea why you're concerned about losing weight. You really don't look like you need to.


DA Wagners said...

Happy New Year! You two are such a model couple! Love the resolutions. I didn't come up with any resolutions of my own, so I will just borrow from you!

Robin said...

I love all of your resolutions! Maybe if I would focus more on those and less on the get skinny ones....=)

Happy New Year. Hope 2007 is fabulous for you and Skip.

Robin said...

Also, Barb is right, you don't look 39. Of course I just heard that 40 is the new 30.

Kathleen Marie said...

What a gorgeous picture and nice resolutions. I don't make them as I just break them but I'd say some of yours are more meditations than resolutions...very encouraging.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Lyndy said...

Susie those are awesome and what a wonderful picture. I have to agree with Barb though you don't look like you need to worry about your weight.

Blessings, Lyndy

Chappyswife said...

Great goals, Susie, & I wish you the best in attaining them. Your pictures are just great - you look so pretty - great looking family!

I love the scrapbooking kits they sell on QVC, usually on the Creating Keepsakes show, & there is a show coming up next week, the 11th I think. I love to scrapbook but mine look so amateurish. I really don't have artist talent but it is about preserving the memories of our family, so I've learned to forgive myself. Let me know if you are interested in more info, but be careful-it's addictive!