Dec 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas To You!

My kids and I joined Skip at the 1:00 service and stopped in the atrium for a quick family shot. He only has 3 more services and he will be home. He had a 2 hour break for lunch and we did a traditional family sit down dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. Ha Ha Ha! I love my coconut shrimp.

I love my sweet hubby. He said lunch with the family was the best part of his day today. I love that he feels that way. Annie (my 6 yr.old) took this picture. Not bad. I know you are probably wondering, "Why is Susie blogging on Christmas Eve?" Well, the presents are wrapped, the kids just settled in to watch a dvd with popcorn, candy and soda, and I have a moment to myself to relax.

Once again, Have a blessed Christmas celebrating our Saviour's birth! Love to all of you!


Tiffany said...

Merry Christmas to you as well. I had a feeling you were at JOe's.
Chruch was awesome! Last night with no power it was intimate and totally BAF. There is always something interesting going on.
We are are snuggled by the fire with a glass of wine and reading. Girls are upstairs playing and we are trying to stay warm. Have a great Christmas and birthday.

DA Wagners said...

Great family photos! The Christmas service was awesome. The music team really worked hard and many hours to bless all of us. Have a great Christmas!

Barb said...

You and Skip are such a beautiful couple, Susie. And what a beautiful family you have.

May you have the most blessed Christmas ever. I'm so glad I met you and I look forward to getting to know you even better in the new year.

Merry, merry Christmas.

(I'm posting on Christmas Eve too! But we had our big family gathering this evening, it was wonderful, I'm exhausted and I can sleep in tomorrow morning!)

Susanne said...

What a handsome couple you make! I pray you & your hubby have a very relaxed couple of days! Whew, that is busy!

I love that family picture! Everyone looks great! Not a closed eye or goofy expression on a one of you. That is rare in my family of 5.

Julie said...

Can I just say that you two are the cutest couple?

Your entire family is just a nice-looking gang. Hope you guys had a great Christmas!

P.S. I finally responded to your 'Weird Tag'. Hope I don't freak anybody out. LOL!

Padre Reeds said...

I'm sad I missed the electricity-free christmas special. that would have been so cool. Anyone who's seen U2 do a brief acoustic set knows there's something about the straight mechanics of the instrument that make a pure experience unobtainable by any other means. Awesome adaptability to put that together on the fly...a true mark of professional musicians.

Janice said...

I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas ours was good. You know I would not mind having a Tickle me Elmo myself. It was so cute. Happy New Year to your family.

Linda said...

Happy New Year Susie!! It doesn't seem possible Christmas is over and here it is New Year's Eve. I'm trying to "catch up " with everything today from laundry to paying bills to reading posts. I'm sure we'll all be back to normal this week. I sure have missed everyone.
Did you have a great time on the Riverwalk? We spent some time there too last week with our family. The lights were just beautiful as always. We visited the Alamo (one of my favorite things to do when we have out of town company) and did so many other things during the week. I am just plain old tired today.
Have a wonderful weekend.