Jan 24, 2007

For The Health of It

Our church is currently doing a series on getting ourselves healthy. I have been on fruits, veggies and water only for almost 5 straight days. Well I did have one Sugar free Red Bull on Saturday and Sunday, but other than that it has been water only. I didn't really get the caffeine headache I thought I might. I guess I don't drink as much coffee and cokes as I thought I did. The entire church is trying to get healthy so it makes it so much easier. I am going to stick with this menu for 10 days and then slowly add some meat and fish, maybe even coffee. My husband and I have many conversations like this, "Honey, want would you like for dinner tonight? Salad, or salad?" " Oh, I guess salad is fine." We have to laugh about it or we might go absolutely bonkers. I know that a lot of churches do these kinds of things, and I am so happy ours did because I want to be healthier, and not so tired at the end of each day. I haven't really lost more than a pound or two, but I think I will as soon as my body gets out of complete and udder shock. We were at Applebee's today having (you guessed it) salads, and we started asking each other what food we craved the most right now. Mine was Coconut shrimp and a twice baked potato from Joe's CrabShack (lots of cheese on top) and Skip's was fried gizzards from Pete's Fried Chicken. I had to laugh for about 5 minutes. Do other people seriously crave gizzards or is it just my peculiar sweetie? Actually Big Mama's household eats Elk Burgers - go figure.


Barb said...

I could live on salads if I had to, Susie, especially the oriental chicken salad at Applebee's. And coconut shrimp is like manna from heaven. But fried gizzards? Maybe you have to develop a taste for them.

I admire you for doing this. I'm sure it's hard. I hardly ever crave anything. But if someone says I CAN'T have something, you can bet I'll start craving it immediately. Sounds like you two are sticking to it - good for you!

Tiffany said...

Yeah, we are all healthy here. Thought we have modified our health diet just a tad. With Jeff traveling and such, we went back and forth on how to work this out. We have been wanting to do the South Beach diet for some time and now we are sticking to it. I can enjoy my DECAF coffee and still have chicken and stuff. Our main thing is cutting out the concivence food and soda and cookies and beer and wine. My main thing is not going to the fast food places every other day. So far so good. Jeff's main thing is what to eat at the airport and for at hotels. His main thing is cutting out the beer with his dinner as well.
I also bought a dance workout dvd. Yeah!!!

Pamela said...

Wow, Susie, you know how to make those salad sound good given the choice! hehe! :)

Good for you both! Wonderful to purge your bodies of all those toxens. Very healthy and makes you feel so refreshed! :)

Susanne said...

Good for you! I'm with Barb. As soon as someone would tell me I can't have something, then I'd be craving it. Over the last few years I've really learned to like different kinds of salads. With grilled chicken or steak is a fave but never fried gizzards. :v)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

My husband would love it if I'd feed him gizzards. They so creep me out, but he loves them. I'm not sure if I've ever heard of a female doing so? Our daughter's church is doing the Daniel Fast, and she says they're eating a lot of barley stew. The recipe, plus others, are on their website: www.fellowshipchurch.com if you're looking for something new to cook.

Linda said...

That sounds like a great plan. You're right; it's so much easier (well less painful anyway) when others are doing the same thing.
My husband would do very well. As for me - let's just say it would be a tad tougher. I'm not much on fruit and veggies. I like salad - but not all the time. When given the choice - I seem to eat junk whenever possible. I really must do better :)

Michelle said...

I just had to click over from Kelly's blog ~ when I saw that ya'll have a Whataburger!! We have one here as well and i always thought it was just a local thing!!
(We are in NC)
Anyways ~ it was nice to "meet" you and I plan to come back later when I can stay a little longer!
I also love the idea that your church is doing! That is wonderful~ I bet it is nice having a lot of support and not feeling like you are all alone trying to do this.
Hope you have a blessed day!

Janice said...

Hey Susie,
We are trying our best to do this diet also. Doug is doing better than I am. We ate at abblebee's today too. Doug had salad I had fish and veggies. Not have a coke is killing me. Anyway good luck.

Chappyswife said...

Yay for you! We are trying to eat healthier, too, making a few small changes at a time. I bet it does help that the whole church is participating.

I like chicken liver but cannot go for gizzard. And I've never tried coconut shrimp. It doesn't sound good, but I do love shrimp, so chances are I would like it if I tried it.

Overwhelmed! said...

I need to try something like this. I don't eat enough veggies or fruits!