Jan 23, 2007

Good Christian Music

I was really wondering how many other bloggers purchase Christian music on a regular basis. In talking to my husband yesterday, he mentioned that several members of a very well known Christian band have to work during the week at day jobs and then tour on the weekends. I am thinking when do these poor guys get inspiration to write, and much less have family time. I just assumed that they were payed well because I hear their songs on the radio all the time. That is not necessarily the case with most of the artists in the Christian world unless they are REALLY big. I know many Christian songwriters like "The Fray" and "Switchfoot" are in the secular market and I can't say that I blame them. They can reach so many more people with their lyrics in the mainstream.

My husband has always bought Christian music, but now my daughter has started purchasing songs for her ipod with Itunes gift cards she received. I love that she is downloading songs from SuperChick, The Barlow Girls, The Newsboys, and many other Christian Artists. I would love for all these groups to be blessed for their desire to share the gospel through their music. Just something to talk about on a rainy cold day.


Addie said...

So who is it that has day jobs? I made the same assumption as you.

We purchase loads of Christian music around here, but that has more to do with my husbands vocation. Worship Pastor. In fact we rarely purchase anything else. The Fray was our most recent secular purchase, and now I see that they aren't even entirely secular. ;-)

Sioux said...

While my taste in Christian music is the classical...and we have much of that, I know our grandson who plays guitar in his church also listens to lots of Christian music.

Julie said...

Hi Susie,
I'm so strict...we only listen to Christian music. Well, very occasionally my daughter is allowed to listen to the "Oldies" station, but all of her MP3 songs are Christian.

The Word says "Guard your hearts with all diligence" and this is an area that I believe Satan really can sneak in and steal or destroy our kids' innocence...especially with the vulgarity so prevalent in current music. I also think that a lot of rebellion comes through on non-christian music. Who needs all that?

Yes, we purchase a LOT of Christian music. I just pre-ordered Toby Mac's latest (due out Feb 20th!) Have you heard his latest, "I was made to love"? It's INCREDIBLE! And it glorifies God.

Linda said...

Hi Susie,
Our taste in music runs more to Southern Gospel, and we do buy a lot of those cds. Like you I assumed they were all doing pretty well. I think in this genre most of them do. Bill Gaither has done a lot to make their music very popular.
It's wonderful that your kids enjoy the Christian artists. I think we should support them. Music has such a powerful influence on all of us.

Pamela said...

We listen to a wide variety of music from soft rock, Country, Christian, Pop but NO profanity. Would never listen to anything distasteful.

I am cheap and I have never purchased more than three CD's, however, our children purchased well over a hundred Christian CD's, while they lived at home and we have gone to Christian concerts, like Michael W. Smith, and so on. :)

Andrea said...

I'm a day late on commenting but we listen to LOTS of Christian music. We usually get the CDs from the library though. Although if there is a really good song, we'll download it. I assumed they were getting paid well too. I'm sorry that they aren't. Something to remember the next time I hear a really good song.

Emily said...

as my mom said, I always listen to christian. if you want KOOL christian music listen to Family force 5, THEY ARE AWESOME!!

Chappyswife said...

I had no idea that if they were on the radio regularly that they were not making a lot of money. My husband and I have discussed the importance of supporting Christian businesses in all arenas. This is just one more.