May 21, 2007

Family time, Fishing, Slip-N-Slide, and Rice Salad

Nonnie, Skip and Seth

The title of this post pretty much sums up my weekend. We went to Victoria on Friday and did lots of sitting, eating and visiting, which happens to be a few of my favorite things.

Skip was able to fish quite a bit at his parent's house. He remembered to bring a rod this time, and he was catching them like crazy. I am so glad his parents live within about a hundred yards of a great pond. Here are some pics of his catches. They also live right on a golf course, so in the evening the kids can run around and play on the soft grass. We played a few soccer games without getting caught.

Saturday I went to see Georgia Rule my mother-in-law. She really wanted to see it, and so did I. However, I had no idea it was rated R and I was sadly disappointed in the entire thing. It was a strong R with very bad language and very innappropriate story lines. I know it's real life and that this is how many people live, but I left with a feeling of sickness and despair. As Beth Moore said in my Daniel study, "I am just dumber after watching that."
I spent a lot of time this weekend with Skip's grandma Nonnie who lives with his parents. Nonnie is 92 and one of the smartest ladies you could ever meet. Whenever I get her alone, I ask her tons of questions about her life as a child, about Skip's grandfather I never knew, and about her life history. She has a wonderful memory, even though she thinks it is completely failing her. I sat out in the backyard with her, and we talked about plants and flowers, which she and Skip's mother have filled the back patio with. I will need to take some pictures next time to share with everyone. I think Skip is her favorite grandchild, even though I know that is terrible to say. I can just see how much she loves him, and she took care of him so much when he was a child. She is just precious! One thing Nonnie shared with me was that when she and Skip's grandfather got married they made $10 a week. There rent was $10 a month. Can you even imagine? That was so unbelievable to me. I am trying to soak up as much wisdom as I can on the visits we have together. It is so good for my kids too.
Skip's parents bought a slip-n-slide this week and the kids had a blast playing on it while the adults visited. Actually Skip's mom was busy in the kitchen cooking. Have I told ya'll that she makes the absolute best rice salad EVER! I watched her make it this time and it looks easy as pie. Not that pie is easy for me. I will learn to make a pie someday. After all, I got the prettiest red pie plate a few months ago. Angie my sister-in-law made a chocolate DR.Pepper cake which I could not resist. We also had barbeque chicken, ribs, and sausage. I really am going to have to watch my diet in Victoria. They like to cook. A lot! Last time I visited, Skip's mom was trying some recipes from the Jan Karon Mitford cookbook I bought her for her birthday last year. She is really enjoying it. She has also read the Mark of the Trilogy series by Francine Rivers. I just gave her the set for Mother's Day, as she couldn't put them down. I need to borrow them. I only have the first one, and haven't been able to sit down and get into it yet.
Overall the weekend was great, except having to say goodbye to Skip last night. He didn't want us to leave. He said to just let the kids skip the last two weeks of school and hang out with him in Victoria while he works. There is no way I can do that to my sweet in-laws. It is tiring enough for them to have Nonnie and Skip with them and us on the weekends.
We had an open house yesterday, but I haven't heard anything from my realtor yet. We are actually checking in Victoria to see if anyone is going on a vacation so we can housesit until our house sells. You never know. I really thought it would sell this week for some reason. We haven't had any new lookers since last week, and those buyers are just beginning to look through the hundreds of houses on the market in my city, and in my price range. It will happen and I know that this is God's timing. However, it is still hard. My babies, yes I still call them my babies, are missing their daddy like crazy. Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend with your families. God bless you, and I can't wait to catch up will all your blogs this week.


Penless Thoughts said...

Sounds like a very special week-end. Still praying with you about the house!

Trella said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I pray the house sells soon.


Barb said...

I flew through the Mark of the Lion trilogy last fall. I could NOT put them down.

I know this whole transition is difficult. I'll be so glad when your little family is all back together and settled in Victoria.

I love just sitting and talking with people that old. Their memories are priceless. And yes, it's hard to imagine that rent was EVER only $10 a month. I say bring back the good old days! LOL

Amanda said...

I just found your blog and love it! What a wonderful weekend you had. Especially all the great goodies. chocolate Dr. Pepper cake, 2 of my favorite things! blessings to you!!

CoachJ said...

Ok, WHAT is a Dr Pepper cake?? And the Mark of the Lion trilogy is AWESOME!! You won't be able to put it down; I think I remember pulling some all-nighters just to read them.

Lyndy said...

You must post the rice salad recipe. I have never had that before.

I know it must be hard being away from your hubby but your weekend sounds lovely. My grandmother and I were super close; she lived to be almost 100 and was wise beyond words. I love talking to her just like you do Skip’s grandmother.

Praying your house sells soon. My best-friend is in the same boat as you, it seems fewer people have been looking this past week for houses. Maybe too many end of year school activities.

Have a blessed week.

Lyndy in GA

Linda said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend Susie. I think you should begin writing down some of the things Nonnie tells you. I keep promising myself I will do that with my parents. I know I will regret it if I don't.
I know how hard it is to be separated from your hubby. I'm praying you will get a buyer very soon. This is a good time of year to sell I would think.
Have a blessed week Susie.

Susanne said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Food, family, sitting around, beautiful weather. Your mom in law went through the trilogy in one week? Wow. That is one of my favorite series.

Tiffany said...

There is nothing like " home" and being with your family. I know you will be there very soon. Summer is approaching and people are looking. In all of this YOU will be stronger and your faith will deepen. Love you.

Kathleen Marie said...

I am praying your house sell quickly. I do know how you feel. When we moved up here, Larry came first, I followed a few weeks later and yes, it was hard but the reunion almost made it worth it.

My dh rented an academy award movie that we thought for sure would be fantastic, but like you said, the language was just unbearable and we switched it off and "felt dummer". Amazing how such a great story can be such a turn-off by ridiculous language.

Leslie said...

I love you Susie Mozisek! You are a jewel and I can't wait to visit you in Victoria!