Jul 1, 2006

How Many Days Until School Starts?

Well, it is finally July. Because we took vacation right after school got out, we are going to have a long summer. Our kid's school does not begin until September this year, so finding things to do for 3 kids is always a task. I really wish we would have joined a pool or put the kids in camps. There is still a few vacation bible schools, but when your kids get older it is a little harder to convince them to go. I am in need of any good ideas for summer fun. I know I am 15 minutes from the beach, and we do have a great aquarium, museum, and aquatic center. We also could be going to the library once a week and starting new hobbies. Okay, I think I just helped myself out a little. If you have any other ideas for older kids at the ages of 6, 9 and 12, please pass them on. Sorry if this post sounds negative. I love my kids and I feel absolutely blessed to be home with them. I'm just in need of a little adventure.


Barbie said...

Hello Susie.. I have some great ideas for you and your kids to do..
1. Take them to the movies (kids enjoy going to the movies)
2. for your 12 year old (boy or girl) take them to the mall.. ohmygosh kids at that age love the mall!
3. Take your children to go buy some music.. (any kid) loves music! oh my!
4. Buy them a Game system (this will keep them occupied) Trust me! a XBOX 360 is most wanted right now..
5. Take your kids to Mcdonalds.. some kids love getting fat ya know.. :)
<>< Barbie

Robin said...

You crack me up! We will be starting homeschooling this year and both Thing 1 and I are so exicited to begin. I kind of get lazy in the summer months and we sit around A LOT. I don't have any grand ideas, but I may try a few of the ones you have listed. Glad to see you posting again. Hey, maybe they can all start their own blogs and practice writing?!