Nov 1, 2006

My Trip to LA

Thirteen Things about my trip to LA

1. I had a great time visiting and catching up with my sis, my neice and my nephew.
2. I literally shopped till I dropped. I didn't know beforehand that it really was a possibility.
3. Mitchel Musso,(Oliver on Hannah Montana) went to dinner with us at P.F. Changs and also talked to each of my kids on the telephone. It made their day. He is a great kid and let me just tell you that teenage boys (actors or not) can only be taken in small doses. I have found this fact to be true even if you are related to them.
4. I went to Mosaic Church on Sunday that meets at Beverly Hills High. I had heard the pastor Erwin McManus twice before and he was awesome. I was surprised to see I was the oldest one there. It is a very young church.
5. I went to the star visited Ivy Restaurant for Sunday brunch and out of any celeb I could have seen, it was rapper 50 cent that I ended up getting a picture with. I do not listen or support gangsta rap, but I thought it would be a bit funny to get a picture with him. My nephew was so excited and it really made the hubby laugh.
6. I found the cutest red purse and a brown one, each under $30. I call that a pretty good find in LA. Okay, if the truth be told I actually found the purses at a Ross in Burbank near my sister's house.
7. I went on the Hollywood Homes Tour and fell in love with the outside of Dr. Phil's house. It is a beautiful Tuscan style home. Remember I just recommended his wife's book which is awesome. It is nice to see they are being blessed.
8. I ate a red velvet cupcake from Sprinkle's. It was the most expensive cupcake I have ever bought, but it tasted heavenly.
9. I got to know LAX very well due to my maintenance delay of 5 and a half hours. I met some very interesting people which made the time go by quicker. God gave me such a peace and I don't think I complained once.
10. I found out that I definitely love my conservative little world in Corpus Christi and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
11. I toured the Warner Bros. studios and sat on the infamous "Friends" couch. The whole set of Central Perk was the size of my kitchen. It looked so much bigger on tv.
12. I learned that traffic is something I will not miss about LA. One day we were literally in the car for two and a half hours straight.
13. Seeing my hubby and kids waiting for me to come out of the airport at midnight was the best sight in the world. Skip did such a great job taking care of them, even if he dropped them off for a day and a half with his mother. I am so blessed to have him!
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Emily said...

you met Michel Musso? SO COOL!!

Julie said...

Welcome home!

Sounds like you had a great time, what with sitting on famous sofas and eating expensive cupcakes and all.

My daughter is so beyond thrilled that she knows someone (sort of) who knows someone on Hannah Montana. Your post just made her day! LOL

And the traffic? Oh, please. There's just no way!

Glad you're back. Really, there's no place like home.

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad you're are back. Paige and Jillian were so exctied that you got to meet all those guys.
It was weird having you gone. I guess after talking to you all the time, it's weird when you are not here. It's not part of my routine to not see or hear from you.
Glad your back and back blogging.

Linda said...

Welcome home! It must have been fun to see how the "other half" lives. Dr. Phil's house sounds wonderful. I saw some of it on a tv show once.
It's true that there really is no place like home. Your husband did a great job. I'll bet they all appreciate you just a little bit more :-)

momrn2 said...

Sounds like a great time overall. Welcome home!

Barb said...

You saw Robin's HOUSE?!!! Oh, I'm so jealous. I'm right in the middle of her book and I love them both. I know it's not cool to love Dr. Phil and Robin but I don't care, I do. Dr. Phil is my hero and I think Robin is one of the wisest women I've ever read.

I chaperoned Mandy and her cheerleading squad on a five day trip to Hollywood a few years ago and I have to tell you the traffic in LA was beyond anything I could ever imagine doing every single day of my life. Unbelievable.

But...the Universal Studios tour we did made me realize what we see in the movies and on TV are truly illusions. The movie Jaws has terrified me for 30 years and when I saw where it was filmed AND the fake shark, I was completely ashamed of myself. I have to admit, the fake shark was still a little scary.

What a fun, fun trip. And I can just imagine how happy and relieved you were to see your family standing there waiting for you. The most wonderful thing about a trip like this is the moment it ends and you're back home, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Erwin? Really? I think he's awesome! I listen to him on my walks via podcast.


Chappyswife said...

That sounds like a wonderful vacation! I am glad you had so much fun.

Your little Aggie is so cute! But wouldn't she look so sweet in Crimson & Cream singing "Boomer Sooner?!"