Nov 7, 2006

A Penny For Your Thoughts, Please!

A simple picture request has thrown me into a total frinzy. My Marked Writer's group at church has just started a blog and all the contributing writers have been asked to send in a picture of themselves. No biggy, right? Well, I had Skip just snap a few shots yesterday and then I downloaded them on the computer. When I opened the picture in full screen format, I was literally shocked at what I saw. No one, not one person has told me that old age has crept in. I mean full force wrinkles. We are not talking a few crow's feet around the eyes. I mean even the wrinkles on the forehead. When did I change? Did it really happen overnight? I took a few deep breaths and looked again and nope, the same thing was staring at me. Now, you must understand, that I could write a book on telling others how God looks at your inner beauty. I know every scripture on beauty and have read every Christian book to tell me how captivating I am. However, somehow those pictures threw all my truths out the window. What I want to know from you fellow beautiful over 35 bloggers is this: When did you start to feel good about your age, your skin, your weight, and your overall appearance? Is it still a daily struggle? Did you just give up and start being satisfied with God's design? I know this is kind of a superficial sounding post, and there are many more important matters in this universe, but any input you have would be helpful. I can't believe I'm sharing this. Hopefully, you will not be judgemental, but respond in love. Maybe, I just have PMS and everything will look better tomorrow.


Emily said...

I DO know that God looks in inner beauty, but a lot of times I still don't care! I stiill worry about how I look. I know God doesn't really care, but I think I need to lose weight!

Tiffany said...

Hey Susie, I've got the products for you to help. HA!HA!HA! Seriously thought, I believe at the young age of 36 is that you have to be comfortable of where you are at in your life. I've got crows feet at my eyes and laugh lines everywhere. I tend to think of them as Gods marks on my face that with the laugh lines He has provided me with blessings and love and the wrinkles are signs of Him revealing to me that He has given me wisdom as I grow older. Granted it has taken a while to become comfortable in my wrinkle skined, but the journery that I've been on with God and the changes in the inside that I've seen within me and that others have seen in me, I'm cool with how I look. Susie you are a beautiful woman and your hip and cool. Just remember who you are in Gods eyes and your hubbys. I'm sure he thinks your HOT!!!
Remember I've got the products for those wrinkles.

Susie said...

Emily- my daughter sometimes feels the same way with all the images of thin girls on all the tv shows she enjoys. If you can begin at your young age to see the beauty God sees in you, you will not have to even think about the silly post I just blogged about. If you are eating healthy and playing outside, your weight is probably exactly where it needs to be. Thanks for the honest comment!

Susanne said...

Ya sometimes I just can't believe it. But over the years I've just sorta taken on the attitude that no matter the age I can just work with what I've got and be the best I can and that's it. I'm not one to go for all the surgery stuff. And I think laugh lines and crows feet are earned and show that you love life. And yes I always do feel worse about myself during pms time.

Susie said...

Tiff and Susanne- thanks for your comments. I will take them to heart.
Tiff-yes, please hook me up with the best Arbonne "erase wrinkles product" you have. It doesn't hurt to cover all the bases.

Anonymous said...

Having just turned 35 and realizing for the first time that I look like I'm in my 30's, it was a bit shocking. I don't know when comfort in your own skin sets in. Let me know when it kicks in for you! =)


Emily said...

I know I SHOULD eat right, yet, I don't. I am ALWAYS eating junk food. I try to stop, but I never really do. I do try to get some exersise, though

Pamela said...

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
You are as young as you feel! lol

There is a video that shows young girls all the ways they tweek the picture of models to the point it is all a very deceiving business.We stressed health to our children.

As far as myself I have felt I look much older as of late, but life is so wonderful when you are married to the right man and it is a dream of mine to grow old with my sweet hubby. *smile*
You look wonderful to me Susie. I really was laughing while reading your post cause dang girl you look good!

momrn2 said...

It's not my wrinkles that have me going so much as the baby weight I still carry around (and my baby is 9 years old!) Just can't seem to lose that tummy that makes me look 5 months along... ALWAYS!

Hoping your other readers can give some great insight cause well, I'm company with you on this one.

Julie said...

Well, as one of your, ahem, older readers (45 as of July...) I can laugh WITH you. Welcome to the rude reality of growing (gulp!) older.

I'm continually surprised by wrinkles, sags, cellulite, drooping this and hanging that.

I stand in front of that mirror and just say, "Excuse me, WHO'S body are YOU? Cuz I have a CUTE figure...and I'm NOT seeing a CUTE figure here..." LOL

My oldest (he's the 26-year old army dude) got TIRED of hearing me say I was fat and told me to stop it cuz our 11-year old was starting to repeat what I said. Wow, was that an eye opener. I really had to just shut my mouth.

I wish I had some profound truth to impart to you.

I watch what I eat, walk 2 1/2 miles every day, and wear industrial underwear. Everything else is in God's hands.

LOL ~ If we don't laugh, we'll just cry, so come on and laugh with me!

Julie said...

My daughter sounds SO grown up writing to you!

She is NOWHERE NEAR fat...I should post her picture so you can see how cute she is!

Linda said...

I wrote a post about aging the other day. I will be sixty on friday!!! I think I finally felt comfortable in my skin (wrinkles, lines and all) when I hit fifty. I just thought - this is it; I'm old and I don't care about all that stuff! It is very freeing :)

Chappyswife said...

I really went through it after I had my last 2 boys realizing that even if I lost weight, things were permanently shifted. Then I started to feel bad physically, and I realized if I could just get fit and healthy, I could live with the rest since my husband is happy with the way I am. I guess I haven't started worrying so much about wrinkles yet. I just want to feel good and have energy.

All of the pictures that I have seen of you are just beautiful, so you must have just been having a bad day, or maybe the lighting was bad, or you were wearing an unflattering color or something.