Dec 19, 2006

I've Been Tagged Again-Ouch!

Pamela at Just the Two of Us tagged me for this very different meme. I wasn't sure if I should participate or not because it..., well it..., umm..., it reveals some personal weirdness in myself.

The Rules:Each player of this game starts with the “6 weird things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog. Please don't be too harsh with me. This is embarrassing enough just writing.

1. Let me start with the physical weirdness first. I have (like Pamela) a beauty mark on my neck. Mine is about 5 inches down from my chin (right where a 16 inch chain would fall(in the center). I almost always wear a necklace or shirt to cover it because as a teen everyone thought it was a hickey. It was a perfect shaped heart as a kid but it has faded a little. My mom told me that an angel kissed it and left it for me. I almost received a demerit in my dance drill team for it once because an officer thought it was a hickey. I was devastated.
2. I have a thing I've always referred to as an extra "knee bone" As a child I would always be running, skating, jumping and cartwheeling. However, my muscles were developing quickly and I didn't know that this problem could occur. It is called Osgood-Schlatter Disease and it mostly affects boys because I guess they like to run, and jump a lot. The doctor found it when it had already formed and just told me to live with it. I would love to get the little bump removed, but I'm not sure what is involved. Skip has become rather fond of my legs just the way they are so it probably won't happen. No one has even noticed, but it really bothered me in high school when my drill team would just drop to our knees in a high kick performance. Ouch!
3. This one is just so bothersome about me this time of year. I carry an extraordinary amount of electricity in my body. Beware if I come near you in socks on carpet. Not really, I don't have to wear socks or anything on my feet. I am just a "shocky" person as my kids say. Skip even named me an X-Men character called "Spark" in one of his earlier blog posts. I panic at the gas station because I watched a prime time special once that showed how a tiny spark can start a gas fire. I know, I told ya'll I was weird. Oops, I just let out I was from Texas with my "ya'll". I hope that's not weird too.
4. As much as I'd like to move from the physical weirdness about myself, there is still more to come. My nose is always cold. No dog jokes please! My nose and well, when I was pregnant, so was my tooshie. Probably a poor circulation thing. Enough, enough, this is so embarrassing. Pamela, how could you? How could I?
5. I love to dance. I know many of you will say, "What's weird about that?" No, I really like to dance. Just ask my kids. I love to watch it and do it. I have always wanted to take a class as an adult, but haven't found anything yet. I don't like the normal dancing with the husband thing, although that is fine. I love just "freestyling it" with the kids listening to their disney pop music. I also loved watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show on CMT because that is the kind of dancing that is so fun. Of course, I had to turn it off when the hubby walked in the room. No man should be exposed to those images. I just love watching the dancing. In my Drill Team, we followed the same style of dance as the DCC and I was always in shape. It was a blast, and a dance class may be just what my physical routine needs. (By the way, their actually is no physical routine at the moment).
6. Sometimes when I get a thought, idea or song lyrics in my head, I have to write them down immediately. I find a pen, lipstick or whatever to write with. I have so many songs, stories, and words written down that I never do anything with that it's scary. I love to write, but I hate to edit and work any further than the jot down stage. Maybe someday God will bless me with the gift of punctuation and editing. So far, no such gift.
Now, for the fun part of this meme. I will tag Tiffany, Julie, Sunny, Skip, Alisa, and Linda. I hope you find this as embarrassing as I did. Please, join in even if you weren't tagged. It is kind of fun to show your "weirdness" every once in a while.


Pamela said...

Oh, I just have to tell you it is so funny we both have birthmarks that look like hickey's around our neck and that both our Mom's came up with cute and clever ways to explain them!

You really had me giggling throughout this meme. I used to dance quite a bit too and you are right, it is great excercise and would be a great way to get in shape again. Maybe in January! ;) Thanks for sharing and be careful gassing up that car! :)

Susanne said...

Well, this was just too fun to read! I did one last month, too!

Does it make you feel better to know that your not the only one with extra electricity? We have a friend who cannot even wear a watch because it actually affects it. You guys just have sparkling personalities, is all! :v)

Linda said...

What me Weird?!! This does look like fun Susie. I will try to do it this week. My only holdup is doing all that linking. But I will try.
I loved yours. I don't think I can be as interestingly weird as you!! The birthmark/hickey thing is too funny. I share your love for dancing. When I was younger (and lots more limber), I would dance around the house to Broadway show tunes. I was a star!!
Thanks for thinking of me. I'll be working on it.

Tiffany said...

Okay that was weird and fun. I have a cold nose as well at times. Though. I messed up linking you. I'm still working out the kinks with that one.
One thing I did not mention is that I love to dance all the time. We should all take dance classes. Not that would be a hoot!!!

Tammy said...

This was so fun to read!
I often think I carry a lot of electricity, too...and the good thing about having my two little girls is that I have an excuse when they beg me to dance around the livingroom with me! :)

Anonymous said...

Great meme! My hubby and I and the dog used to get shocked alot around the house and even getting in and out of the car for the 6 years we've been together. But a week ago we finally started using dryer sheets and now we're static free. I'm sure our dog is happy now that he doesn't get shocked everytime we pet him. lol

on the ROCK

Chappyswife said...

Those don't make you too weird. What makes you weird is that you like to wrap gifts ;0) ! I wish you could come wrap mine, too!