Feb 3, 2007

Spa Party and Fishing Supplies

We had Annie's precious spa party yesterday afternoon and it was a big hit with the girls. She invited 6 of her best friends over to receive facials(colored coolwhip and cucumbers), pedicures, foot massages, manicures and makeup. We crammed a lot into 2 hours and they had a blast. I overheard one of Annie's friends say to another older friend of Annie's(older meaning one grade), "Isn't this the best party ever?" To which the friend replied, "Well, I will have to let you know later because I am going to my neighbors sleepover after this party." My, these little girls have a social calendar already. It was too cute. Annie's cake was made by my friend Shanda. I have been off my Daniel fast for only a few days which could taint my judgement a bit, but I would have to say that THIS CAKE WAS PURE HEAVEN!!! I was already completely overwhelmed with what a great job she did on the presentation, but then when it literally melted in my mouth from such a yummy taste- she took it over the top. She has 5 kids so she has no time to start a booming business, but I think someday she may be on one of the Cake bake-offs on Food Network. She even wrote the names on individual cupcakes. I wish the picture I took did it justice.
After all the girls were picked up it was time for Friday date night with the hubby. We went and had our favorite-Joe's Crabshack coconut shrimp and twice baked potatoes. We are easy to please. Then my husband took me to the most romantic place HE could ever possible dream up. He wisked me away to Paris for a week long vacation....Oh, sorry I started daydreaming. He took me to his favorite get away. We spent over an hour looking for the perfect lures to fill his new fishing tackle box. What is sad is that the man, I mean my sweet hubby, was fifteen minutes late beginning our date tonight because he was picking out his new fishing rod from you guessed it, ACADEMY! You should have seen how interested I was at the electric chicken fishing lures, the 10 minute lecture he gave about all the different size bullets each of his and his dad's shotguns take, and then of course I can't forget, the new Big Bertha. He couldn't leave without taking a few practice swings to show off to his very embarrassed wife who realized that everyone in Corpus Christi hangs out in Academy on Friday nights. Actually as I reflect on last night, I easily could have won an Academy Award for my performance tonight. In the category of MAKING YOUR HUSBAND AS HAPPY AS A KID IN A CANDY STORE, the Oscar goes to...........Me!
I really did have a fun time and I cherish all our date nights together. And there's always next week when I'm sure I'll have a good chick flick lined up for him.
Wishing all of you a Blessed Weekend!


Susanne said...

LOL! Your date made me laugh. How sweet of you to go along. On our dates I don't get regaled with fishing tales and checking out the lures, I get to go to the electronics store and stand there going comatose while hubby talks for.ever. with the salesman on everything new in electronics. Fun, fun, fun! :v)
But like you I get him the next week with a great chick flick. It's only fair, right? :vD

Your daughter's birthday party looks like great fun. I never thought to do the colored cool whip. I'll have to remember that!

Linda said...

Ah - it's the give and take that makes marriage so interesting. I have sat glassy eyed while I learn all about the latest car engine and how it will be installed into the new hot rod he's working on. Fascinating stuff!! But he is always more than willing to spend hours shopping with me or watching something I know very well he has no interest in. I think that's what they call love.
The party looks like such fun. I would have loved a party like that when I was a little girl A great idea.
Y'all have a good weekend.

Tiffany said...

WOW! The cake looks awesome. I will have her make me a cake one day.
I know all to well of those hot dates to Acamdey. Oh wait. Home depot is a good date night as well.
To our men those kind of dates are the most hottest and fun for them. I laughed at you story. That was fun.

Kelly said...

What a wonderful party idea for little girls! I will defintely keep this one "in my file" for the future.

jlsohl said...

What a fun party, Suzie! I've just started stopping by Academy FOR my husband: it's like retail therapy without the glazed over, infomercial feel. ;)

Janice said...

That cake is beautiful! Loved the story of your date night. I am usually the one dragging Doug to Target when we go out. I love Target. Now Doug likes EB Games. And it is a chore for me to go in there with him.
I like Joe's Crab Shack too but Doug does not so I hardly ever get to go there.
God Bless,

Robin said...

That cake is great! As you know, I have a bit of a fettish over the cake thing. LOVE IT.

Happy Birthday to your girl.

And, after reading Skip's blog today, I wouldn't be surprised if he sat you in front of his favorite You Tube videos with some popcorn for movie night. Hee hee!

Kathleen Marie said...

One word FUN describes this all. And I agree, fabulous cake. What a fabulous smile she has!

We don't have Home Depot but I have spent many a "date night" in Menards!

on the Rock said...

That's too sweet!

Pamela said...

Annie must have been thrilled with the Spa party! It looks like it was a huge success! The heart shaped sandwiches are so cute and the cake is divine! What a wonderful friend to have!

What happened? First we are being whisked away to Paris and then we are talking tackle boxes! lol No, seriously thats so sweet that you show and interest in each other, makes for a much more interesting marriage. Now I am going to talk to my hubby about being whisked away to Egypt and having grapes plunked in my mout! hehe! :) Before he gets any Big Bertha ideas!