Mar 9, 2007

Friday Fun

First of all, anyone of you dear ladies that has a chance to do the Daniel study by Beth Moore, please do! It is so incredible. We are only on the third week, and my group is literally in awe of how good it is. We don't want the dvd to end each week.

Ashley ran in her first track meet this week and came in last place in her 200 meter heat. I am so proud of her because she loves to try new things despite not doing well. I love that about her! I am always afraid of failing, and its almost like she could care less. She ran her best and that is all that matters. To put it honestly, it is almost always about hanging out with her friends and having fun. She is such a social butterfly.

Annie is our little princess, and she tends to say the funniest, yet dingiest(is that a word) things ever. Yesterday I had to laugh when out of the blue she said, "Mom, when is the Fourth of July." Remember this girl is seven now and making straight A's in school. With the most serious face and voice I could muster I replied, "Well sweetie, I 'm pretty sure it is going to be on the fourth of July this year." I quickly shot a "you better not say one rude or degrading thing to her" look at the older sister and brother. Believe me their mouths were ready for a comeback. Annie quickly rethought her question and saved the day by saying, "What I meant was, where are we going for the fouth of July this year?" That's my Annie. Skip always says this about her, "Well, at least she's beautiful."

I would love to once again ask for prayers for the sale of our home. It has been on the market for 3 and a half months now, and we have decided to lower the price a bit. We really want to move to another house by summer, so we feel that this is a necessary decision to speed things up.

May all of you have a great weekend and a safe spring break for those of you traveling. God bless!


Linda said...

I love hearing about the kids Susie. This one is so cute.
I'll pray for your house to sell. We are in the same boat so it will be easy to remember!!
Have a good weekend.
Oh - we did the Daniel study this past winter. I agree - just wonderful.

Penless Thoughts said...

Loved reading a little about your children. Cute. New to your blog I wasn't aware your house was up for sale. I will add it to my prayer list.

I would love to be involved in one of Beth Moore's studies. Haven't had the opportunity yet.

Penless Thoughts said...

PS - We were at Grandparent Day with our Aric and they had a green carnation on the table. I thought about you Pink Carnation!

Tiffany said...

That sounds like something Jillian would say that Annie did. I to, have to give that look of " you better not say anything". I know the wait to sell the house is sometimes hard. God has a buyer in mind he just has to put all the peices together. Well pray for yours and ours. Who knows we could be neighbors. Now that would be cool.

Momma Roar said...

I would be happy to pray about the sale of your home. We were in that situation 1.5 years ago.

Barb said...

Skip's comment about her cracked me up. Poor little thing. It's rough to get picked on by the siblings so I'm glad you stopped them.

I know you hated to lower the price on the house but you'll be so happy if it sells and you can move before summer. I'll keep that in my prayers.

Kelly said...

I did "Daniel" last fall and LOVED it. One of the best studies I've done. Interesting and challenging!