Mar 23, 2007

Friday Fun!

Well, we finally had another house hunter come today. I am really excited! They came at 11:00 this morning. I haven't heard anything yet, but I am praying that they liked it. We recently went down a little bit in price, so this is the first to see it since then. The house is literally sparkling clean right now, and smells like sugar cookies. I am trying to be patient while we are selling, but it has been on the market now for four months. It is hard to keep up with a clean house for 4 months! With three active children! When all you want to do is be lazy for a change!

I finished The Journey to Desire by John Eldridge this week. It was a very thought provoking book which I really enjoyed. This book really opened my heart to some truths of God that I have somehow overlooked. Great read!

Off to take the kids for a swim at a neighbor's. Sorry to those of you still thawing out from the cold. It is a heated pool but it is only 76 degrees outside and windy, so it will probably be a short swim. Have a blessed week!


Linda said...

Hi Susie,
I don't know how it is in Corpus - but I'm getting a bit weary of this muggy, cloudy, drizzly stuff. Ah well - we'll have more sun than we'd like soon enought.
I know what you mean about the house. It's been over two years for us because we're selling as commercial property. That's a long time to feel like you're in limbo. I'm just waiting. Do you think the Lord is teaching me something?
Have a blessed weekend.

Susanne said...

I can't imagine keeping a perfectly clean showable house for four months. Bless you.

Tonya - There is a Season said...

Linked to you from Boo Mama's....then saw you live in CC, Tx. I lived there for 2 yrs when I was younger. Loved it.

We are warm enough to swim here in Alabama too. I just asked hubby to get the pool ready earlier this year because it has been so hot!

Good luck on the house. I sold mine last year and I was dreading it so much. Thankfully it went quick and I didn't have to keep it clean for too long - LOL!

Momma Roar said...

I was just going to suggest making your house smell like freshly baked cookies before someone comes through it. I had a kettle on, simmering with cinnamon sticks, before the couple, who eventually bought our house, came through.

Blessed Assurances said...

I love your new look! Your one of the ones that has me on backorder! :) I found my new one for free but still want a special Bluebird Design.

Anyway, I feel you on the having to keep the house clean. MY brother and his wife are selling their house and they too have 3 kids, 15 months, 5 and 7. She brings them to my house when they have to have a day away to show. I feel so sorry for her and the kids b/c they can't get down and play like they used to.

Happy Saturday-I am off to the spa! YEAH

Julie said...

Hey, girl! Your blog looks so beautiful! Geeze, blogging only once a week sure has it's price.

I am sooo sorry that you have had to keep your house clean for 4 straight months. At the very least, Skip ought to take you out to dinner every week. You know, as a 'thank you' for picking up messes 24/7.

Chappyswife said...

Can't imagine keeping a sparkling clean house for 24 hours, much less months! I'm hoping for a quick sale for you, so that you can have a break!