Mar 20, 2007

Love Those Dolphins, But Ants....Not So Much

Isn't this a cool picture. I rarely take a photo that I'm proud of, but I thought this one I took at the Texas State Aquarium turned out beautiful. That's Annie on the left, her friend Maddie in the middle, and Seth on the right. Ashley was busy hanging out with her friend talking on the phone to another friend or she would be in there too.

We had such a good time on our last day of spring break, other than Annie who is suffering from fire ant bites. She received about a 100 bites yesterday while playing in a dirt pile in front of a new home construction site. I was outside at the time, but at the other end of the cul-de-sac. She managed to get them off quickly and they didn't get past her ankles, but I kid you not, it is not a pretty site to look at those feet and ankles. The crying started last night at 1:00pm, which is the time they started forming those white postule thingys. I was googling like crazy to find a cure for the itch. We prayed, we cleaned the area and then we did something wierd. We made a oatmeal paste and put in all over the bites, gave her tylenol for the pain (I was out of Benedryl) and put socks on her feet to keep her from scratching. She actually slept about 4 more hours, and then couldn't take it and woke me up. She did fine today after I picked up more Benedryl this morning and some Neosporin+Pain medicine. That really helped. She was able to play at the aquarium and go to hip-hop class. She fell asleep extra early tonight, and I hope she makes it through until the morning.

Our school had an extra two days of Spring Break, but they go back tomorrow. I haven't had anyone come look at the house for this entire week. That really was a blessing since there was so much activity here with the kids home. My house will take a good couple of days of cleaning to recover. I am cranking up the Newboys in the morning and getting my broom on. Have a great week everyone!


Tiffany said...

We should have had Annie and Jillian bath in bendadral together. Jillian is full of mosquites bites from this weekend.
So I've been using itching cream and meds for here as well. Oh, goodness. Have fun cleaning tomorrow. Another good cleaning cd is Natilie Grant if you have hers. I love her!

Chappyswife said...

Oh, Susie, that must have been so awful! I don't know of a remedy, but one time I had an allergic reaction to a tanning accelerator. I took several powdered milk baths and that was the only relief that I got! It was miserable!

That is a great picture. You could even frame it. I am glad your Spring Break went well. Have fun cleaning house. :0)

Penless Thoughts said...

Great photo!

Mary C said...

Love the new blog design! It is perfect.
I had the same thing happen to me with fire ants when I was about 10 or 11-wretched! Itches and hurts at the same time like you wouldn't believe. Try to keep her from scrathing off the pustules if you can- I still have scars from mine going all the way up my calves and shins! Good luck!

momrn2 said...

So sorry about her bites. OOWWYY!

I absolutely LOVE your new place!! And what a fabulous picture! You should seriously consider entering it in a contest sometime! It's great!!

Momma Roar said...

That is a great photo!

I sure hope you get some house hunters coming around again soon - especially since you're cleaning tomorrow!

on the Rock said...

Yes, avery cool photo! Good work!
Sorry to hear about the fire ants. I think they've gotten me once or twice too. Maybe some ice might help. Praying for a quick recovery.

Barb said...

Your new design is perfect, Susie, and it's lovely.

Poor little thing. Fire ants! Good for you, getting the Neosporin. That many bites and the scratching that's inevitable could easily lead to an infection.

The photo in this post is awesome.

Boy, I really love your new look.

Linda said...

What a perfectly beautiful design for your blog Susie. I just love it.
I'm so sorry about those ant bites. I can't imagine getting so many at once. One or two can really drive me crazy. They are just the meanest critters going. My little granddaughter got several bites last time they were here. I don't know any magical way to get rid of them. You treat one place and they simply pop up in another. I hope she's doing better.

Susanne said...

Poor little thing. We don't have fire ants around here but I've heard about them. I hope she did better today!

Great pic by the way!