Apr 5, 2007

One Of Those Days

Today has been one of those days that I haven't let 30 minutes or more go by without stopping to pray. My kids have joined in with me since they got home from school. The main source of my prayer has been for our church. Skip is in complete panic mode. I would never want to disrespect my husband in any way, shape or form, but I do mean he is in complete stress mode. I can't say that I blame the guy since our church is literally opening it's doors to our new state of the art building in less than 48 hours and we have no sound working. Yes, I said no sound. Everything is hooked up and musicians ready to practice and NOTHING is working. Satan is probably having a good ole time laughing it up, but I happen to know that he is going to get his due when that first note is played and everything comes together in God's perfect timing. Skip is the guy ultimately responsible for this entire area, and he is feeling the pressure. I know that when you all join me in prayer, heaven is going to hear. God will be glorified, and this weekend's services are going to be wonderful.

It is so funny that in my Daniel study this morning, Beth was sharing that there are three ways to respond in a crisis situation. 1)We can panic, 2)We can become paralyzed, or 3)We can pray. I am going for the latter for sure. I have been going over all the incredible ways God has moved in my life over the last several years (I am talking miracles), and I am believing for the same this weekend. Even if we have to sing acappella, God's praises will be heard.

***UPDATE*** I went up to the church about an hour after writing this post to pray in person, and to watch rehearsal, and let's just say, THERE IS SOUND!!! I was bawling at how beautiful and powerful the music was. We have been blessed with such gifted musicians and singers, and especially tech sound/lights people (they never get the recognition for making everyone look and sound so good). I was also crying that God heard and answered our prayers so quickly. This weekend is going to ROCK because we have we have a God who is THE ROCK!


Robin said...

Praying with you and regardless of what seems to be, God will be glorified!

Susanne said...

I love your last line "even if we have to sing accapella God's praises will be heard." I am glad that you did get the sound back. That would be very stressfull for the person in charge. But having been through a new building program stuff like that does happen. Praise God for your sound miracle.

Kelly said...

Susie, Thank you for sharing this-it is so encouraging to hear of followers praying in faith! You are so right--Satan loves to get us worked up, but through prayer he loses power over us. Alleluia!

I did the Daniel study last fall-amazing what God taught me. I, too, found so many ways to apply it to life. Blessings!

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm already rejoicing with you in the wonderful service you are going to have and the glory it will bring the one who deserves ALL GLORY - JESUS!!!!

Mayhem & Miracles said...

I help in our sound ministry at church and yes - it can be so stressful, especially for someone in charge of it all, and at a large church. Ours is small and I'm just a fill-in. Thank you for blessing us with your update. I am so happy for your congregation. What a sweet blessing to dedicate a new building to God as His house for His glory on the very morning we commemorate His sacrifice. It's all about Him - so He will pull off a beautiful service however it goes. Happy Easter!

Coach J said...

Don't you just love the Daniel study??!! It opened my eyes to so much! And if the absence of your posts is any indication, you've been doing alot praying lately. Wonder what IS going on in the heavenlies?
God will work all things together. Look forward to hearing how your services went.


Yes, God is in control and things will go just like He planned it to go. We need not worry just do the best we can and He will work all things to our good. Have a very happy day. connie from Texas

Karen said...

That is wonderful that you now have sound! God is so awesome, isn't He??!! I'm sure you and your family will have a wonderful Easter. I love your last line - "this weekend is going to ROCK because we have a God who is THE ROCK!"

In Him~

PS> By the way I love your blog!

Tiffany said...

Susie, You are the not the only one praying today. I've been stopping all day to just pray for sound, people and of course great weather. God is so wonderful, I've just looked back at all the mircles that God has done at our church and Satan has never won! Not matter what we as a whole always pull it off. God has his protection on the church and all of us.

It has been a stressful day as well here. The laundry room flooded, Jeff had some stress from his boat yesterday and I had small fires to put out. I kept thinking of how I could react as well. It's amazing that God lets us hear just what we need to just when we need it. Love on Skip ,and know that no matter what-- sound or no sound The Chruch will ROCK!!!!!

See you tomorrow.

Overwhelmed! said...

Hooray! I'm so glad that your many prayers were answered and that the sound issues was resolved!

God is great!

Chappyswife said...

YAY FOR GOD!!! I am so happy the sound is working, and you are right, all the glory goes to God. I wish I could be there to see how wonderful and powerful this Easter service is going to be. I know you have been in prayer for it, and I can't wait to hear about it.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

P.S. I think you will really love that book "A Woman's Place." Please let me know if you read it.

Linda said...

I seem to have gotten here too late to pray for sound, but I do pray for the services this weekend.
Thank You Lord for answered prayer. You are so faithful.