Jun 10, 2007

Stopping By For A Quick Hi

Hi everyone! What a wonderful week we've had while housesitting in Victoria. Our friends left us with the most awesome house to enjoy. I haven't seen much of my kids because they have made fast friends with the kids across the street (which happens to be our new pastor's kids). They have done so many fun things and not once have I heard the famous words, "I'm bored".

This house is surrounded by trees, and flowers everywhere. There isn't any cable tv, but the kids haven't complained at all. They are too busy swimming, dressing up, having sword fights(wooden ones), playing with (3) two-week old Maltese puppies, and much, much more.

This morning was such an awesome time of worship at church. As we sang, "With All I Am" by Hillsong, I literally could not stop the tears from streaming down my face. I have been so blessed, this week in particular with all sorts of things. Some of the things have been unexpected financial blessings, and others just wonderful personal desires being fulfilled. I am so unworthy, but God choses to bless us anyway. We haven't received an offer to date, but I know God is going to provide exactly what we need until we do. I have peace right now, and for that, I am so thankful. We have another week to stay in this beautiful home, and my sister is in town for a week from LA. I couldn't be more excited.

For those of you wondering, Skip is doing better. He was just having some allergy issues, probably from all the trees and flowers. I just want to tell ya'll how proud I am of him and the ministry he is doing at Parkway. God is working through him like I've never seen before. He is happy and so loved here. We had two sets of friends come to see us this week from Corpus and we had such a great time with them. They really liked Victoria and were surprised to see all the new growth the town is experiencing. My friend Karissa who let me know that she was still very upset that we moved, decided this morning during church, that she agrees that this is a wonderful place that God has placed our family. She gave us her stamp of approval.

We aren't sure what we will do next week. I may just go hang out in Corpus for a while, but not having to keep up with the house has been so nice. I continue to pray that it will sell this week while we are gone, and the house is spotless. Kids, summer, and keeping a clean house do not mix. Amen?

Have a great week, and God bless!


Linda said...

You sound so rested and joyful Susie. I'm so glad. That peace that comes from the Lord as we rest in Him is just amazing. It kind of sneaks up on you and you suddenly realize you aren't worried or fearful. He is so good.
I'm continuing to pray that all will go according to His plan for you. It sure sounds wonderful so far :-)

Penless Thoughts said...

So good to get such a happy report from you Susie!

Susanne said...

What a great God we have. What a blessing that house has to been to your family. Can you believe it's across the street from your new pastor's family? How great is that?

Continueing enjoying your rest, Susie. Praying your house sells quickly.

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you! I've been missing ya!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Amen, girl, to keeping the house clean with kids in the summertime. Been there, done that, so I am really hoping things don't drag out took long for you. But it sounds like you are making the best of things and have so much peace about this move that you fought back in Colorado. The town sounds beautiful! I'm so happy you had so many wonderful blessings to welcome you to Victoria! You're a Sweetie. BTW, I don't remember Victoria from when I lived in Corpus. You said your friends came to visit - how far away is it?

Julie said...

Hi Susie,
What a wonderful time you're all having. Do you realize that it's nothing short of a miracle that you haven't heard "I'm bored" ??
I delcare, I have already heard it too many times. I've threatened to put a mop in Emily's hands the next time she says it.

The home you're staying in sounds wonderful. I'm so happy for you. The Lord is truly GOOD!


Diane @ Candid Reflections said...

How wonderful that your family is able to have this time of rest and retreat! I WOULD be great if your house sold while you were gone...it is a challenge to keep things picked up while living there 24/7. All in the Lord's time!! Roman's 8:28!! Blessings, Diane

Robin said...

Don't you just love how when you are where God wants you to be, even though the loose ends are always tied up, you can be at perfect peace?

So glad your week was fab!!

Barb said...

You can definitely get an amen from me. I usually just gave up on the house in the summer when the girls (and all their friends) were out of school. LOL

You sound so happy! I can tell you're feeling very good about everything.

Glad Skip is OK. And I smiled when I read the friends whose house you're staying in are in Colorado. What is it about all the Texans who come to Colorado on vacation?

Oh. Wait a minute. I'M a Texan who came to Colorado on vacation, too. And never left! LOL

It's nice to hear you sounding so positive and upbeat. I'll bet your house sells soon. I just feel like it will. :-)

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I'm glad things are going so well for you. I've been lurking for a while, and don't think I've ever commented.

Glad Skip is better. May God continue to bless your move!

Deidre said...

You sound so happy, even though you don't know what your next move will be ....that's how it is when God is in the midst of the plans.

Ruth said...

I am glad you are having such a nice time! It's so nice to just be able to relax and play. I will continue to pray with you that your house sells. Have a great week.