Jul 1, 2007

Happy Birthday to My VERY Talented Friend!

Oh my goodness, I don't know how it happened but I forgot a very special friend's b-day two days ago. Actually, I know exactly how it happened. I am not using my normal wall calendar anymore or an organizer, but instead a wipeboard calendar in my pantry that I am always forgetting to fill in with b-days.

I want to not only wish my sweet friend Amy a Happy Birthday, but I also want to highlight her business which I think is spectacular! You can go here to see her wonderful designs, and even make an order while you are there. I have blogged about a few of her things before last November, but I can't seem to link that post. Amy is such an amazing wife, mother, friend, and creatively talented person. I am so blessed to call her friend, and I must share a story. I went to see Amy in the hospital after she had her last baby (number 4) in six years. She was sitting up in the bed, writing thankyou-notes and looking like she had never even been pregnant or just had a baby. I thought to myself, "She is truly a wonder." She is an awesome Godly woman. Also she cries when I tell a story of how God is teaching me something. Don't you just love when someone cries with you? I certainly do. You rock Amy! Happy Birthday friend!


Ruth said...

Happy birthday to Amy. I'm heading over to check out her site right now.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Happy Birthday to Amy and Congratulations on your Fruit Of The Spirit Award. Your blog definitely deserves it. You have such a sweet quiet spirit and I always learn so much from your writing. (BTW, what is this book you are writing? I'm so interested.) I'll say a prayer tonight for your home plans. Blessings. :)

Amy said...

Sus! You've made me cry again! I have to catch my breath now! You are so precious to me! ..and you didn't miss my bday..it's today, July 9th. SO I can say, reading your blog today was the icing on my birthday cake! Love ya dear friend! Thanks for your gift of encouragement.