Aug 2, 2007

Friday Fun

Last night I had a bad dream and I woke Skip up to tell him about it. He was telling me to go back to sleep and don't worry about it. All of a sudden Annie(my 7 yr. old), who we didn't even know was in bed with us, said, "Could you guys keep it down in here." We died laughing. She must have come in our bed sometime in the middle of the night. Too funny.

I am so excited to have my mammogram over. I did it this afternoon and they will send a letter with the results. I feel really good about it though. Thanks again for all your prayers and well wishes.

Our sweet friends in Victoria have offered us their home again for a week while they go on another trip. I'm not sure if I told y'all about these friends, but they are the best. Mark is the best artist I have ever seen. We have this print on canvas in our home, and I LOVE IT. Look at this picture of Jesus he painted. Too cool. I am so excited I don't have to clean my house for a week. I mean I do have to clean theirs, but it is different to clean someone else's. Skip and I are going to try to have a least one date together, but there's church, work for him, etc...etc... I am in desperate need of some spoiling. Too many alone hours with the kids.

About our house, we have been consistently showing it at least every three days, but still no offer. There are some people interested right now, but they are getting their pre-approval stuff done. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. Have I been saying that forever, or what? It is okay, God's timing is way better than mine.

I had a great time with my friend Tiff yesterday. We took our frozen mocha's to the mall and tried on tons of stuff we didn't buy. I did find one cute shirt at New York & Co. We just got a Forever 21 at our mall, and I do not buy into all the hype. I know they have tons of clothes, and all very cute, but this women does not do well with all the latest trendy clothing. I think it may be because I'm not a 2, or a 4. Okay, if you must know, I'm not a six either. But I will try my best to be one by my 40th this December. Yeah, right. We had the most fun looking around at Kirkland's. Now, there's a store I could spend some time in. Such pretty things!

I hope all of you are having some Friday Fun today with family or friends. Adios, Amiga's!


Robin said...

You are NOT going to be 40 in Dec?!??! I would have never guessed that. You don't look a day over 29!

Praying that this family will be the one to buy the house!

Linda said...

Hi Susie,
It's good to hear you sound so happy. I'm sure the mammogram will be fine. And I'm praying about that house.
Have a great time in Victoria. Why is it always more fun to clean someone else's home? One of life's little mysteries :-)

Sohl Gal said...

Susie I too think it's much, much easier to clean someone else's house than my own. (Though I'll admit I'd prefer NO cleaning at all). I love the paintings. My aunt does colored pencil drawings. Check them out!

Tiffany said...

There is nothing like shopping therpy. It was great. Things are happening with your house and that is exciting. I'm praying for great results from your test. Have a wonderful time and Victoria and hope you get spoiled ALOT!!!!

Canadian Bird said...

Your tale of your daughter surprising you in bed made me laugh out loud! That's'll look back on this entry some day & be reminded & laugh about it all over again! :)
I, too, love Kirkland's! I avoid the mall b/c it's there! LOL (Well, that's not the only reason I avoid the mall...)
I hope you & Skip get that date! Have a wonderful week housesitting.

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoy your week in Victoria!

Ruth said...

Yey!! Another week at your friends' home. The pictures he painted are wonderful!! Enjoy your week!!

Kathleen Marie said...

Dreams can be very odd at times. It is also amazing how God uses dreams to talk with us.

Love the paintings. What an awesome gift.

Have a wonderful week.

DA Wagners said...

Hey, I loved Mark's gallery. His paintings are just beautiful. I wonder if he'll ever do a coastal setting. Did you read my blog entry about Forever 21? They put John 3:16 on all of their bags. It's on my Writer's Peace!