Aug 8, 2007

What's Up Wednesday

Well, I haven't been able to send out emails to all the sweet people that commented on my special prayer yesterday, but I am thanking each of you right now. It is such a blessing to have so many friends in this community of blogging.

Here is some things that have come up in the last week or so that totally ROCK, therefore I must share.

1. I listened to my old pastor preach one of the most fired up sermon's I've ever heard him preach. If you want to get fired up about serving Jesus and your church, THEN GO WATCH IT!!! You need to go here and then click on View message. Oh, was I pumped!

2. Several new ladies have joined our blogging world. I love it because now I can keep of with 3 of the pastor's wives from BAF. Introducing April, Leslie, and Lindsey. Stop by and cheer them on for me.

3. Tonight is Wednesday Worship at Parkway Church. I am so excited to spend an evening worshiping God through music and communion. I had to miss last month, so I'm so excited to go tonight.

4. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my dad and the girls visiting my aunt in the country. She has a beautiful home and raising about 30 miniature horses. The girls had so much fun feeding them hay and petting them. The land has a pond and the prettiest oak trees everywhere. I can't wait to take Skip out there some time. My cousin Amy was there with her new twin boys. Too sweet!

5. Skip and Seth were in heaven yesterday as they had the opportunity to go watch Dallas Cowboy training camp in San Antonio. Skip's coworker was able to get press passes so they were up close and personal with many of the players. To hear my son call me in hysteria saying, "Mom, T.O. is throwing passes to Romo right in front of me!" was music to this mama's ears. Seth is a football nut right now, and is memorizing all the players and stats. He has a world of info that is only understood by the race called MEN. I just don't get it, but I love that little boy of mine. What memories were made yesterday!

6. I finished "The Englisher" by Beverly Lewis this week. I love this author. The Amish are an interesting bunch. There is one more in the trilogy that I have to look for at 1/2 price books. I also finished "Sophie's Gift" by Lori Wick. This is the first book I've read by her, but I truly enjoyed it. It is so weird because I usually don't read fiction. That's all I've read this summer. I guess I'm needing an escape from the house woes.

That's about it, other than swimming at our friend's pool while we've been staying in Victoria, and visiting with friends. There's a busy weekend coming up for us, and hopefully some house hunters in the mood to buy.


Ruth said...

That's so neat about your hubby and son getting to see the Cowboys in practice. Sounds like a lot of fun!! That ranch of your aunt's sounds really neat, too! Lori Wick is my favorite author. I like to read fiction as it's my "down time". I don't watch much tv, but I do read.

Penless Thoughts said...

Nice, upbeat post Susie! How exciting for your son and husband. God is good!!!

Linda said...

A sure cure for feeling a bit down is to look up and count your blessings. In doing so, you have blessed us Susie. Your sweet spirit just shines through this. We just keep on praying.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Love the "boy date." I imagine the excitement was uncontainable. Is it something at this age? My formally non-sporty son is all about it right now.

Tiffany said...

Football season , already. yikes! I love those son and dad moments and time. Jeff and Tobin is all about fishing right now. Tobin will come home and tell me about him jumping out the boat and catching a HUGE FISH! It's so cute to watch his expression. Love it. It sounds like you have had a great week. I'm so glad for you. It's nice and hear you upbeat. The message was powerful and just plain WOW!! I'm ready to bring it on and lead!!!!

momrn2 said...

I've been buried in Vacation Bible School this week so it's taking me a bit longer to make my "rounds".

Please know I continue to pray as God brings you to mind! I rejoice in your ability to see blessings in the middle of the unknown!

Hang on so very tight to Jesus my friend! There is no safer place to be than right where He wants you! But then I know you already know that... ;-)

Continuing to stand in the gap for you....

Mike said...

Wishing you a busy and fun weekend ahead.