Sep 7, 2007

Friday Fun

The Week in Review

1. Our first week of homeschooling is under our belt. I would give us an 8 out of 10. The kids did a great job overall, but there are a lot of changes with the scheduling that I will need to work on. I guess I didn't realize how hard it would be to teach 3 different children, with 3 different learning styles, in 3 different grade levels. One thing I'm excited about is that I am learning so much along with them. It's really good for me to see what they know and to be involved with their new experiences in learning.

Unfortunately I am so tired): I sure could use a maid right now and a massage. I probably am going to include a course in housekeeping next week, and tell them I'm grading on performance. Does that sound legal? I think so.

2. First week of my new bible study began on Tuesday. I have to drive an hour and a half to Victoria to do this, but I need to have this for me. I had 10 ladies sign up for the class, and they are new precious ladies that I don't know at all. I do know one of the ladies- It's my mom! How fun is that! She is so sweet and I love that we are learning to respect and honor our husbands together in "For Women Only" by Shaunti Feldhahn bible study. She even bought me a coffee in our coffee shop at church before the study began.

3. My sweet niece and nephew are turning two this week, and they are having an Elmo birthday party this weekend. My nephew Matt will be in town with my sister this weekend. He is dressing up in an Elmo costume, and I will try to take some pics to share. The twins were born two years ago premature, and now they are running around, chunky and smart as can be. What a blessing they are, and I can't wait to be a special aunt to them when I move. They live in Victoria too!

4. Lastly, my sweet Annie is getting baptized this Sunday. I am trying to think of a special gift to give her. Maybe a silver cross necklace, or a bible or cross charm for her bracelet. She already has her own bible which would have made a great gift. I am so glad so many of our family members will be there to celebrate with us. When Ashley and Seth were baptized, it was in the beach here, and it was only our church friends. It was really special, but I'm happy to see Annie do this at our new church since that is were we will hopefully be living soon.

5. No showings lately on the house. I'm still praying everyday, and hope that a miracle happens soon in this completely saturated buyers market.

6. We have a huge weekend at Parkway church this weekend. We have commercials running and mailers sent out all around the city and surrounding towns. We are praying for a big crowd and many salvations. Skip is very excited to see what God will do.

That's about it for now because I hardly any time to blog or catch up on blogs at the moment. My life has changed dramatically this week. Hope all of you reading know how much I miss you and hope to visit soon. Have a wonderful weekend!


Ruth said...

I'm glad your first homeschooling week went well. I bet you are exhausted!! I hope your weekend goes great on all fronts.

Penless Thoughts said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful, productive week. I'm sure as a home school mom you'll learn as much as the kids!! I know I would.

Wish I could sit in on your bible study!! So wonderful you are doing this, even with the drive, Susie. I hope you'll post along about it.

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a lot of friday fun going on. With a class in housekeeping. Yes it is legal. I had a full week of teaching the girls how to wash clothes, fold, and kitchen clean. Yes, grade on performance! They love it. They really do. Okay maybe that is just my fansty but with doing all that it saves alot of frustration homeschooling or not! You are doing good. I'm so proud of little Annie. What a full weekend in Victoria. I start my job this week so call me and we can do a lunch. I know I will welcome the break.

momrn2 said...

WHEW! A busy week indeed!

I think the grading the housework is completely legal!! Isn't there a course entitled "Home Economics" or better known as Home Ec that falls along those same lines??

I'm thinking with that course you could also include cooking and laundry! ;-)

Congrats on a first week under your belt!! From the sounds of it you did fabulously!!!

Linda said...

Hi Susie,
It's good to catch up with you. I think you had a great week! My dil who homeschools 4 includes chores in the carriculum! That's the first subject of the day. Then they all settle in to school. You really just can't do it all alone.
Our Bible Study started this week too. I just love Bible Study. It's very special to have your Mom in your group.
Blessings to Annie. It is a very big moment for her.
Take care dear one - with all that driving back and forth. You are in my prayers.
Have a blessed weekend.

Laurel Wreath said...

An awesome list. I too have not had any showings either. Heck I have even stopped keeping my house spotless, knowing it will probably come back to bite me =)

Have an awesome Sunday =))

Chappyswife said...

Susie, congratulations on a good week. It sounds very fulfilling, and also like you're going to do great with homeschooling. Good job! Also, how wonderful for your baby to get baptized. That's awesome. Still praying for your house to sell. I enjoyed hearing about your week.

Twisting His Arm said...

That is completely awesome your daughter got baptized. I vote for the cross charm for her bracelet.