Dec 22, 2007

“It Truly Is a Wonderful Life” by Susie Mozisek

Some of the cast from Parkway Church's "It's a Wonderful Life" radio show.

This year has been a year like no other that Skip and our family have ever known. From changing jobs and leaving friends, to big struggles financially with our home on the market, to overcoming great trials at our new church; this has been a year of difficulty and stress. Now add into the mix home schooling three children for the first time. We have wondered so many times over the last six months “Why?” Why have we not sold our home? Why are we so tired? Why can’t life be easier? There has been many late nights spent in prayer and in tears. One thing God keeps telling us both is to wait. He has something special for us. I kept thinking to myself that it would be the gift of a house sold and that would make everything okay again. After months and months, that is still not the case.

This year’s Christmas program is “It’s A Wonderful Life” live radio show. Skip wanted to do this for quite some time, and actually convinced Parkway church to let his wish come true. He could have settled for just a normal service with a few Christmas songs, some pretty stage decorations, and a cool funny video thrown in the mix. I wouldn’t have complained having a husband home during the two weeks before Christmas since I haven’t had that in ten years. However, Skip knew this church needed something special. It needed a positive and a unique Christmas. This radio show is definitely unique and very special. I have had the privilege of watching hours of work done by actors, sound effect artists, set designers, and just anyone willing to help pitch in to make the show what it is. And what it is is EXCELLENT!

Over the last two nights of watching the play during dress rehearsals, I was there to help Skip with last minute needs or to share my opinions of how everything looked and sounded. I am probably the most critical person when it comes to things looking and sounding good. Skip has rubbed off on me after knowing him almost 25 years. But as I sat and watched this story of George Bailey unfolding for my 100th time, I felt a real stirring inside my heart. This story is for everyone feeling exactly like Skip and I have felt this year. You see, Skip and I have some big plans. We have dreams that we have had to shut down due to crisis situations, just like George Bailey. We have had to settle at times, when we want to shoot for the moon. We have had to make choices that please others, when we really would rather be selfish for ourselves. I can’t believe it didn’t really hit me before, but Skip is bringing this show to life because he feels a whole lot like George Bailey. I don’t think I know of a greater man who has given so much of himself for a family, for God’s kingdom, and for a lost world as my sweet husband. You wouldn’t know unless you asked him, but Skip is really suffering with a lot of hip pain right now. Eventually his right hip will be replaced, as his left was last year. I rarely hear him complain, and his job never suffers from it. If anything, the pain presses him on to work harder.

Now, I would love to share about dance recitals, and extra curricular activities the kids are excelling in, but this is not the season for that. This is the season of Ashley baking her extraordinary banana bread, of Annie riding her Pink Barbie scooter at record speed down the block, and Seth shooting targets with his BB gun. It is the season of me spending some special time in study with the Lord who has an awful lot to still teach me. It is also the season of staying up way too late with the kids watching just one more ridiculous Youtube video Skip has found that will now complete our laughter for the night.

Overall this year is one I’m still trying to figure out. But I can say without hesitation that I truly have A WONDERFUL LIFE!
*This morning I ran to get a paper and I found the most awesome half page story with three large color pictures promoting the Christmas show. What a blessing! If you want to see the article without the pictures, you can go here.


Ruth said...

I know you have had you share of struggles this year, but you've had faith through it all. I pray that next year will answer some of those "why's" and you see dreams fulfilled. The program looks to be excellent! I pray it all goes smooth as silk tomorrow. (Do you know I've never seen that movie?!)
Blessings and a very Merry Christmas to you all!

DA Wagners said...

So touching! I love how you just press forward and focus on all the beautiful things this world offers us! You are such a wonderful wife!!! The article in the Victoria newspaper is so cool! What a great idea for a Christmas show!