Dec 18, 2007

Pictures Full of Blessings!

This is my sweet twin niece and nephew giving each other a big fat hug! Aren't they just a bundle of cuteness? Shelby is dressed up in her Christmas outfit because she had a performance tonight at her school. Conner wasn't quite up to going, so we babysat him during the show.
My friend Dena from Corpus drove through yesterday on her way to visit family. We had lunch together at Chick-Fil-A and caught up on life. I love Dena to pieces and her precious girls.
Here is Emily, Annie and Abby(one of Annie's best friends). They could not stop hugging each other. Annie and Abby were in the same class the last two years of school, so Annie really misses Abby this year.

Today we were invited to a friend's house for a cookie exchange, and I saw my future dream house and land. I cannot tell you how gorgeous the house is, and especially the 25 acres it sits on. I think God showed me this special place today to remind me that IT WILL HAPPEN SOMEDAY. I need to not look at the struggles, the what ifs, and the disappointments that I'm currently facing, but to realize that God loves me, and he put desires in my heart for a reason. I need to keep believing Him and trusting Him.

Here is Seth and his friend Braiden enjoying the freedom that comes with just being boys outdoors without a single care or worry.

Ashley found a great big tree to lounge on. She wanted to stay and live with our new friends, but for some reason I had to take her home with me. I can't say I blame her for wanting to leave our city digs for some fresh air and beauty around every turn.

Here are some of the new friends I've made sitting on the back porch over looking the amazing backyard view of God's handiwork. Just breathtaking! I told my friend Deanna (who lives there) that I may start stalking her so I can come visit again. She looked a little worried. I hope she knows I'm just kidding. Well, a little.


Ruth said...

The kids' pictures were all great!! Soooo cute. I'd love to move on the 25 acres right next to you! It will happen one day. =o)

DA Wagners said...

You know what? God is a good God, and he so wants to bless you. I can't wait until you have that house and that land, so you can blog about it and show the world just what an awesome God we truly have!!! The pics of your family and friends are beautiful! What a relaxing time you guys had!