Jan 18, 2008

5 Things I'm Smiling About

1. I just started reading The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. What an insightful and motivating book. I'm almost halfway in after beginning it earlier today. Great book about following your dreams.

2. My Believing God bible study. I have the sweetest ladies joining me for this exciting and challenging journey.

3. Our former church is celebrating their 10th Anniversary this weekend. Bay Area Fellowship has grown to over 5000 people in the last 10 years. It is reaching the next generation for Christ in the most amazing and creative ways. Skip and I were a part of this church from their early days, and we can't wait to go and celebrate with them.

4. Our family has finally started making connections in the homeschool community of Victoria. The kids had a blast going to a Co-op the last two Thursdays, and they all started art classes with the Art League. Because the art lessons are an hour and a half long each, and Ashley and goes at a different time than the younger kids, we get to have some special girl time together every week.

5. My trip to Panama is only a week away!!! My sis and her hubby blessed us with the trip. I can't wait!!! Our great friends Bart and Michelle will be joining us too, which we haven't been able to hang out with for months.

So, tell me what's causing that smile of your's right now.............


Tiffany said...

I'm smiling cause you are smiling.
For me, I had a chance to escape sick kids this evening to go to dinner with a friend and to B&N. And that you are coming into town tomorrow. Oh , and I found someting awesome for you to start your study off with next week.
Hope you keep smiling.
I"m so glad that the kids are having a blast with the homeschool community!!!

DeeDee said...

I LOVE The Dream Giver! It totally changed my life and my way of thinking. I read that book in the middle of a very difficult exodus...headed for no man's land...and God rescued me with the insight of Bruce Wilkinson! We'll have to compare notes!

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

momrn2 said...

What's causing me to smile? It's Friday, which means I get to spend the entire weekend with my family!!

My husband has been working 12-13 hour days M-F for a long time now. Our weekends have become so precious to all of us!

Smiling as I usher in another one...

You will enjoy the Believing God study! I read that book about a year ago now and it changed so much of my thinking!!!...

Keep us posted on what you think!

Padre Reeds said...

Your corpus house getting occupied gives me a smile as does us getting our Austin house occupied. Having property not suck your accounts dry feels like having parasites removed. That's reason to smile and jump kicking like a foal set to pasture.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Knowing the VERY SAME GOD who is moving in my life is moving in yours so mightily as well! Knowing I can make friends hundreds of miles away via this little technological invention called the internet. Oh, and blogging while my kids watch "Facing The Giants" in the background for the umpteenth time. Saturdays are awesome, too! Can you tell I share your giddiness today? :)

Susanne said...

Your post made me smile. I got to sleep in which always makes me smile and I'm on my way to have a coffee with my hubby on his break. That makes me smile. Have a great weekend, Susie.

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm smiling with you Susie and all the blessings and good things God is bestowing on you,

Linda said...

I'm smiling along with everyone else Susie. It all sounds great! I didn't know you were taking that terrific trip. How exciting!!

Debbie said...

I'm smiling right now reading your blog and all the posts. I can't wait to hear how the Bay Area Anniversary went.

I am smiling also because I just went and saw P.S. I love you. I cried a lot, but it also made me so thankful for my amazing husband.

I am smiling because I get to spend 5 precious days with my husband, you and Skip in Panama! I can't wait!

I am also smiling because my son is out looking for an apartment. I really think he realizes that I am leaving here on February 9th.

I'm smiling because my daughter's tummy is getting bigger and her baby is healthy.

And finally, I'm smiling because I serve an amazing God who gives us all a reason to smile!

Chappyswife said...

Great reasons to smile! I am smiling right now as my baby is cutting shines. He has all of us laughing, even as we seem to be falling over sick one by one.

I am smiling because it is the weekend. I love having everyone home, & I went to the library today & got about 7 books! Whoo hoo!

God bless you, Friend!

Ruth said...

The Dream Giver is an awesome book. In fact, I posted about it awhile back. It is one of those life changing books.

I'm excited for you about your trip. I hope you have a blast!!

Blessings to you for the week to come!

Robin said...

my house, at this very second, is completely cleaned. that will change very soon. =)

i hope you have so much fun on your trip!!!

Kelly said...

I really enjoyed "Believing God." Praying that it will be a wonderful time of growing for you!

Have a wonderful trip, too!