Jan 31, 2008

Day 2 of Panama Trip

The second day in Panama was very educational. We went on a guided bus tour of Panama City and then visited the Panama Canal and watched a ship go through the famous locking system our family has been watching on the Discovery Channel. It was great to learn so much, but Skip and I wished we would have had the children along for a quick history lesson. Seeing things in real life is so much more fun!

Before I get to the Day 2 video, here is my emaculate bathroom. I loved it, but I missed taking a hot bath each day. Showers aren't nearly as relaxing to me.
Here is a pic of me with Skip overlooking a lookout point over the Panama Canal. We enjoyed watching the process of a big heavy loaded ship going through the lock system. We also watched a video of the history of the Panama Canal. I think you can watch the same video on Youtube somewhere, but it was very amazing.

Enjoy a quick highlight video of our Day 2. I must say the best part of Day 2 was laughing my head off at the Casino in Panama City that night. I have never been to Vegas or a Casino before and this was so much fun. I played and quickly lost 4 dollars on a nickel slot machine. That was enough for me. My group decided to throw away a lot of their money at the 5 dollar blackjack table. I must say there was so much fun going on that it seemed like everyone agreed it was worth losing a little money. More to come tomorrow.

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Julie said...

Oh my goodness that is a beautiful bathroom.

Panama sure is pretty!

And - you take a BATH every day? I might take one once every three months. It's a shower for me! I get too bored in the tub. LOL