Apr 8, 2008

Another Prayer Update

*Popi's surgery went well according to the doctor who performed the thorocotomy procedure. Praise God! They had to basically open him up to remove all the infection. He will be in ICU for a few days so prayers are still very needed.

*Skip is doing some traveling today and will be home late tonight(lots of driving) so I would love prayers for safe travel.

*Our inspection on the house we are looking to buy went well, and we are awaiting the loan process. Hopefully all will go well with a great rate. We have never owned two homes at the same time so I'm praying all goes smoothly and we can all be together as a family very soon. I don't sleep well with Skip gone. It may be that my Annie Beth is a restless sleeper and tends to kick a little too much. I know she should sleep in her own bed, but I hate to sleep alone when Skip is gone and it is such a treat for her.

*My sis and my nephew are in Utah filming HSM3 right now. I pray for Matt to do an awesome job and have the time of his life living his dream. I also pray for Tony(my sis's husband) and Steph(their daughter) for the time they have to be apart during the filming. May God watch over all of this precious family.


Linda said...

This is what happens when I miss reading posts for a few days! I'm sorry to be so behind on your news Susie. You have so much going on. I'll be praying for all of those things - especially your Popi. It's been a tough couple of years for you, but I know the Lord has a wonderful plan.

Penless Thoughts said...

Wonderful update and news on your grandfather.

Chappyswife said...

Lots of very important prayer requests. I will be in agreement with you in each situation that all is well for every one of you and in all circumstances.

Mike said...

Hope you get the house. And hope your Popi gets well. Soon.


Mayhem And Miracles said...

Oh, Susie,

I just love that you have so much looking up right now. God is so good and faithful to bring his plans to fruition and you and Skip have been patient in waiting. I will pray for Skip's travel today whenever I am on the road (to remind me.) I'm also still praying for Popi and Noni. I am so relieved to hear the surgery went well.

O.K. - now, I HAVE to tell you. My kids think it is SO COOL that I blog with the aunt of a friend of "Troy and Gabriella!"

I mean, SO. COOL. ! Hee hee.

They can not WAIT for the new movie! I have prayed for Matt too, that he will remember his faith as his success grows and that all the kids on set will maintain their reputations for integrity.

Have a splendid day!