Apr 7, 2008

So Sad, So Tragic, Yet So Wonderful to be With our Lord

I was following a fellow blogger's post which led me to find out that a very special young woman has recently gone to be with the Lord. Her name is Vanessa Whitwell and she was a worship leader at Fellowship Church. I believe she died from a blood clot in her brain. I have attended at least (4) C3 Conferences at FC and everytime I was so impressed with this beautiful person. I first saw her perform about 8 years ago or so, and I keep telling Skip, "Isn't she a beautiful girl?" I had never seen such pretty eyes, and I kept wanting to go up and meet her. I wasn't a stalker, but I just saw such a fun, beautiful spirit in her through her worship that strangely drew me to her. I never actually met her, but Skip did on several visits to Fellowship and she was so eager to help other worship leaders in their ministry. I can't imagine how devastated her husband, her parents, and all her friends must be to lose her in such a sudden way. I think she was in her mid thirties. As I pray for everyone who misses her, I rejoice in that she is with our Heavenly Father in paradise. Here is a post from her pastor Ed Young.

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Penless Thoughts said...

I lost one of my forever friends years ago with 3 blood clots to the brain. My heart goes out to the loved ones of this young woman.