May 19, 2008

Making Some Plans and Having Fun

I'm sure like many of you, the summer is a time you want to relax with your kids more, and make some special family memories. I have actually been doing so much of that this past year with home schooling, that my next few weeks before summer will be filled with lots of detailed planning and decision making. Home schooling allows so much freedom, but if you decide to discontinue at some time and return your children to formal schooling, you may have your hands full figuring out what to do next.

In Victoria, I felt my options were very limited with options for school, but in Corpus I have many options. I think Skip and I have decided to choose a private christian high school for our oldest. It is a very advanced curriculum and it is going to be extremely challenging for her. I know she is remarkably smart, but she is not always one to put forth a lot of effort in her studies. She has often just "got by" unless it involves her favorite subjects. We are still deciding about Seth and Annie. Seth will begin junior high and Annie is entering the third grade. I am leaning towards their previous school which I loved and so many of their friends attend. It is also a private school, but the tuition will be considerably less than the private school Ashley will attend (thanks to an awesome pastor discount). Peace of mind in taking them all to one place and picking them all up at one place sounds awesome, but it will be quite a bit more expensive. I have already felt a big enough crunch over the last year, and I don't want to be so strapped ever again.

June is already filling up with a trip to Victoria to watch my brother's twins for a few days, the She Speaks Writer's Conference, and my niece's delivery of her first baby. All of these are great things and should keep us on our toes.

Most importantly, I am prayerfully anticipating Skip's hip replacement July 1st. We know what it involves which makes it a little more tricky with making plans for the summer. I am already covering this surgery in prayer from start to recovery. Summer before last was one I never want to revisit. If you could start putting this on your prayer list I would appreciate it so much. Just in case you were wondering, he is now getting his right hip replaced (not the same one he replaced two summers ago). He has only known pain for the last 15 years or so that we've been married, and I know God can relieve it with this one. He will hopefully be able to start exercising after this. It has virtually been impossible due to the pain of even walking lately.

Posting is going to be sporadic over the next few weeks as we try to wrap up our home schooling year. We aren't only doing work and unpacking around here. Actually this last week or so we have been having some fun as well.

Beach- 2 times with kids, once with adults
Poker and Blackjack nights with Skip and kids- twice (thanks for the new poker chips-M.D.)
Overnight trip to Victoria to nieces' dance recital
Swimming with friends
Double date to movies to see Iron Man (so good!)
Attending our new church
Watching dance routines the kids have made up
Listening to my son's new music he is creating on this
Learning to text (that's all anyone does in CC) and though I'm a fast typist, it's not so easy without a keyboard
Trying to keep our beagle from howling-Uggghh! I'm sure our new neighbors love us(: Well, at least we crate her at night.
Oh, and chasing my husband around the house like we're newlyweds. At least that is what he thinks I'm doing.
Happy Monday everyone!

My nieces with their beautiful mom
My brother's twins who came for an overnight visit so the he and his wife could have some away time. I don't know how they do it with two at the same age. I only kept them up 3 hours past bedtime. What a good aunt I am!


Penless Thoughts said...

You sound so very happy and joyful, Susie. It makes me smile from ear to ear :o)

Robin said...

trying to catch up on your blog dah-ling! glad you are enjoying your time in CC. Look forward to long chats this summer,

Barb said...

I remember when he had his first hip replacement. I know you both dread the surgery and the recovery, but I'm so glad he's getting it done. A young man like Skip shouldn't be in this kind of pain.

And good luck with your beagle. That's exactly the issue we had with my brother's beagle when we were growing up. It was so bad, my mother made him give it away. So he gave it to our neighbor. And that beagle still kept us all awake at night. lol

Pam said...

Definitely will be keeping y'all in prayer, especially for Skip's surgery.

Sounds like you've been super busy, but sprinkled with lots of fun, too.

DP and I have felt a lot like newlyweds lately, too. Good vibes in the spring, I guess.

Also will be praying for all the schooling issues to be settled and that you will feel at peace with whatever God has planned for everyone.

Thanks for the update, Susie.

Annie said...

When you get all practiced up on the twins let me know, the third one is easy. lol

Keeping you and Skip in our prayers.