Jul 19, 2008

Hitting it Hard (Again)

Ever since the She Speaks Conference I have fallen off the diet wagon. Staying with Skip in a hospital was the clencher. I actually feasted on PF Changs the night before he went in, and the rest was downhill.

Skip promised me that Monday morning he is joining me in a healthier lifestyle. I have been juicing for him at least every other day since he got home from the hospital with carrots, brocolli, apple and some other yummy fruit and veggies thrown in. Eating good produce is no problem for us, but we also love the Bluebell ice cream a little too much. Don't even get me started on the meals our church and friends provided for us last week. Mexican food, fried chicken, chicken chili with cornbread, and Rudy's barbeque are just a few of the fattening, glorious meals we devoured. BTW, thanks again everyone!

Today, I started great but failed miserably when Ashley decided to make this for dessert. It wasn't that unhealthy until I added that scoop of vanilla to the side of the dish. Here was my lunch. Oh it was SO yummy, but the portions were way too big. I did eat all the salad, but the potato was a meal in itself. The salad is leaf lettuce (all I had), raspberries, walnuts, feta, and raspberry viniagrette. The potato had a little real butter, ranch and shredded mozzarella. I have somewhat of a love affair with cheese too. All these things are not so bad, but the excess is my problem. Oh, if I could just run 5 miles a day, I could probably eat all this without gaining.

Robin at Little Bits of Life is doing a 30 day challenge here. I am taking some of what she is doing, and some of this website's ideas. Maybe by the time school begins, I will feel lighter and have more energy.

*Annie's xrays did not show a broken bone in her hand, so we are guessing it is just a sprain. Praise God! She only complained a few times today, and I saw her pick up a glass with her hurt hand earlier. Things look like they are on the mend. Thanks for your prayers!


Mike said...

I salute everyone who tries. My 5-year old just reminded me (for the nth time today) to stop eating junk food.

And I should be the parent.


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Tiffany said...

I'm with you. Thought just eating at Craker Barrel, chicken fried steak and all the fixens. Oh my. Jeff and I saw a team of bike riders on the way home. We may join a group like that IN Florida.
As long as there is goal to start. Right? I may join you in the 30 day challange. Looks great.

Robin said...

Thanks for the link love and let me just say, I'm on day 4 and it really stinks! About 30 times today I've just about given up and had a soda...i really really really miss the soda most of all.