Jul 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I could not wait to post another Thankful Thursday because there is just so much to be thankful for this week.

*Two weeks and Skip is still doing great! No infections and he is walking with his golf club cane wonderfully! Praise God, He truly answered our prayers.

*Annie's hand is also on the mend. It was just a sprain and she is using it as if an injury never happened.

*The hurricane has pretty much passed and left us with lots of rain, but no damage or flooding.

*My dear friend Lori received some amazing news yesterday! Huge Praise to God!

*My sweet friend Alisa wrote an amazing post that touched my heart and it is sure to bless yours. Go read it here.

*Had some special time with friends.

*Get to hear my hubby rock this weekend worshipping our Lord!

If you would like to join in and share what you are thankful for this week, go to Sting My Heart and leave a link. Be blessed!


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Susie, that is a great list to be thankful for. You are a good friend to share in other's joys and good news.

Denise said...

Such wonderful things to be thankful for sweetie.

Serendipity said...

What a lovely thankful list!

Remain blessed!

Kristi said...

That is a great TT list. Blessings to you!

Gina's Public Diary said...

Oh I'm so glad the hurricane missed you!!!

Blessed One said...

Great list of thankfuls! I especaially loved the part about hearing your hubby rock and worship the Lord. Thanks for sharing!

Darlene said...

Wonderful list! So glad no storm damage. I will come back to read more on the blogs you listed.
Have a fabulous day!

forgetfulone said...

I'm glad it was just a sprain, although I'm dealing with a sprained ankle right now, and it, too, can be painful! I'm also thankful for the rain and the fact we're not going to get clobbered by the hurricane. You have a lot of great things to be thankful for.

Nancie said...

Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us. So glad that Skip and Annie are doing well. Thank God for protecting your family during hurricane. Good to hear of the wonderful friends God has given you. Praise Him. May you be blessed always!

Penless Thoughts said...

I had you on my mind and in my prayers as we were getting the reports of the storm there in Corpus.

DA Wagners said...

Can't believe Skip is already rockn' out! That is pretty darn cool! Thanks for the props on your list. I needed a little affirmation right about now!

A happy heart at home said...

What a great list! Thanks for posting!


Nancie said...

Hi Susie,

I thank God that He enables us to meet through Thankful Thursday. Thanks for visiting me and your encouragements.

I am thankful to God that I can meet you and many others through blogging. I am in the midst of listing out blogging friends that I like to share 2 awards with. I have included your blog as well. I like to share Share The Love Award and Friendship Award with you. Do come over and receive them when you have time. You can save the images and upload them to your side bars or posts. And feel free to pass them to your blogging buddies. Take care and God bless you and family always!

With appreciation and prayers,

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