Jul 29, 2008

What Is Your Gift?

I know it may seem like I am always watching movies, but I'm honestly not. Skip is a HUGE movie buff, so I tend to watch bits and parts if he has one playing. Last night we were watching Chariots of Fire and I heard two lines that really struck a chord with me.

The first was said by Eric Liddell - "I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure."

The second quote was during a conversation between Harold M. Abrahams and Sybil Gordon. Harold was frustrated after losing a race to Eric Liddell, and he said, "If I can't win, I won't run!" Sybil responded, "If you don't run, you can't win."

Wow! How true are both of these quotes!

On Thursday, one of my Thankful Thursday praises was that Skip was now doing worship at our Corpus campus and that I couldn't wait to see him doing what he loves again. You know I don't even think it is about what he loves, as much as it is about what he was created to do.

Have you found that thing yet? That thing that you know when you are doing it, makes complete sense. Like it is what you were created to do? Do you feel like God is pleased by you doing it?

Now, I know everything we do is not about us, but instead bringing pleasure to our Father in Heaven so that He may receive the Glory and Honor. I also know that each one of you has distinct talents and gifts that He gives you to use to do just that. It reminds me of why I started this blog, and my original story behind the name. Am I doing the things that I am good at, or am I trying to be someone I'm not?

The reason I am questioning things is because our church is embarking on some wonderful changes with a new campus and the volunteer opportunities are endless. I don't want to just do something to fill a spot and help out. I want to serve in a way that brings God pleasure. So far I know I want to lead a bible study (my heart is women), but there is also 1st time visitor greeting and helping in the book store/cafe that sounds fun. I know God will show me the way to go, but these are the things I'm praying about.

Here's a question to leave you with- What do you feel like you were created to do? And when you are doing it, things just fit.


Tiffany said...

did you right this post just for me? Ha!Ha!Ha! What you say is soooo true. I'm right there with you girlfriend. Great post!

DA Wagners said...

I'm so glad you have reminded me of that movie. I've been wanting to watch it for some time, but I kept forgetting the title! Also, I think you're wonderful at hospitality and making people feel special. You would shine in any position that puts you in the middle of people.

By the way, many people take that talent for granted. But believe me, a natural born introvert, hospitality and people skills does not come easily to everyone! It is truly, truly a wonderful God-given gift!

DeeDee said...

I agree with Alisa...you are so good at making people feel comfortable around you. And you are such an encourager. You will thrive with any of the choices that you've listed!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

That age of "kids" who are on their own, but still haven't settled. Between Senior High to Young Marrieds. And I NEVER would have guessed it until God threw me there a decade ago "on a fluke." I LOVE those quotes. I keep intending to keep a book of quotes that strike me like these, but so far it hasn't happened. :( I hope Skip is feeling really well! And I agree with your other friends. He's got a great girl with the gift of encouragement to help him on the mend. :)

Susie said...

You girls are too sweet with your words!

I really do want to know what All of you do that you feel is your ideal gift. Please!!!

Bard said...

Hey Sus,

I may be at risk of offending someone here but I think sometimes it is difficult to see the gifts that God has designed for us. As women I think we tend to focus more on the other women around us and see the gifts they have and wish we were "like them." Therefore at times I think we can feel unworthy, like we do not have anything to offer to those around us. Or we may think that the gifts we do have do not seem as neat and wonderful as other women we may look up to. I have personally struggled with all of these things before. I think it is hard for us as women not to compare ourselves to eachother, even with our gifts. God made each of us the way He wanted us, gifts included. I must remember that for myself. Am I preaching to myself here?

Love you, Mollie

wimberley said...

God created me to:
1)Teach kids
(I'm really good at it... so i like to think)
2) Being a mom! Lovin it!
3) Create! Art! Painting... Writing and more!

What i desire to be good at:
1) Organizing! I stink at this!
2) Cleaning house: ugh
3) Connecting better with sisters in Christ
4) and much more!

you know me... do you agree?? with what i think God designed me to be?

Susie said...

Hey Wim, I totally agree with you! You are such a fun, and talented teacher! My kids agree.