Sep 7, 2008

I Love God's Surprises

My daughter Ashley and I were talking yesterday about how awesome God is and how his plans far surpass anything that we could dream up. For example, last year Ashley really struggled during our home school year. She is so social by nature, and to be stuck home with me and her younger brother and sister was literally torture at times. It's not that we didn't have wonderful moments sprinkled out through the year, but at 14 years old, she wanted more friend time. When we felt led to put her in ACA (her christian high school) this year, we were a bit concerned that she wouldn't know anyone and could possibly have a hard time making friends being the new girl. I immediately started praying that God would just bring one girl into Ashley's life this year. I also prayed that she would never feel like an outsider coming in when many of the kids already knew one another.

Well God just so happened to bless Ashley more than she could have ever hoped! A few weeks before school started, we found out one of the girls that went to school with her at her previous school decided to come to ACA. She lives right around the corner from us, and they ride home together every day. When Ashley finished out the first week, she had 3 invitations to parties and get togethers. She said everyone is friends with everyone, and no one is left out. I don't know about you, but I didn't go to that kind of high school. It is a pretty small school and extremely challenging, but Ashley fits in and I could not be happier.

Yesterday Ashley went to a swim party for a fellow freshman where she got to ride in her first limo, took her first chartered boat ride, and then later attended a sweet sixteen that an upper classman had invited her and the entire school to attend. I, on the other hand, ate some take out fried chicken and watched my 8 yr. old Annie put on a fashion show with her Webkinz. What a social life I lead, I know.

It has been so hard for Ashley to be patient and wait on God to bring her friends, but when He did, He did BIG TIME. I am so thankful and so happy that Ashley learned such a beautiful lesson this year. I learned a lot too! God is at work, and we should never doubt his timing or his outcomes. He is God!

Psalm 38:15 "I wait for you O Lord; you will answer, O Lord my God."

Ashley and her friend Allison


Penless Thoughts said...

God does answer prayer and sometimes He has to prepare us to really appreciate the blessing He has had in mind for us all along.

Tiffany said...

I totally agree with the penless thoughts. I'm so exctied for Ashley. It looks like both our girls are in God's blessings. It is fun to watch them growing up right now.

Debbie said...

I am so happy for Ashley! This is definitely an answer to pray and I'm so thankful she gets to shine! She is such a beautiful girl and I could tell such a difference in her when she stayed here. She is beaming!!!

Chappyswife said...

I am so glad Ashley is getting to have fun with friends, but most importantly, I am glad you got that time with her to prepare her heart for this season.

I homeschooled my oldest for one year, and while there were pros and cons, the biggest blessing of all was getting to spend that time with him and instill our values in him, so that he will be better able to make wise choices now.

Things are changing so fast now as they get older. Life comes at them hard. I pray God's blessings and protection over them.