Sep 9, 2008

I Think Prayer Is The Word For the Week

No matter how I look at this recent map on, it's not looking good. Last report I heard, it was probably going to hit somewhere between Corpus and Houston. Guess what? I live in Corpus, and just north about 90 miles from us is Victoria where all of my family lives. I'm not worried about our safety because we are prepared to leave as soon as we know the track a little better, but I hate to think that anyone I love may be hurt or their homes damaged. Also, my sister and her husband live in Port O'Connor, just a mile from the beach. He is a custom home builder there, and all his properties under construction are in the direct path of the storm.

Please not only pray for me and my family in Victoria, but also for all our friends who live right on the coast. God is in control and we trust Him for our safety and security. Pray that we stay focused on that truth and not our circumstances. Worry is so easy to fall into, especially when your whole town goes into panic mode.

I just went to our local HEB grocery store earlier, and I saw a lot of fear and irritation of the faces of frantic shoppers. I also saw a whole lot of baskets full of water, batteries and canned meats. What made me really laugh though was the fact that I, along with many others, tend to use hurricane preparation as a time to eat all the junk food I normally pass up. I never saw so many snack items flying off the shelf. I asked one woman if she noticed how the only crackers and soups that were left were the reduced fat and low salt versions. We laughed as we looked at each others baskets. Do I really need a whole box of Mrs. Baird's cherry pies or a box of Honey Buns if the power goes out?


Tiffany said...

Girl, you have my prayers for all involved. Our many friends, family and your family as well. My parents plan on staying. I know! My prayer is that they stay safe and God just sheild them and all I love in this storm. I'm keeping track via internet with C.C. local news. Please call me when what you plan on doing. SO I know where you are. If I was there, cofession, I would be loading up on junkfood as well. Fritos and bean dip, powdered donuts, salsa and lots of candy. Go figure.
Just stay focused. Love you, Tiff

Julie Gillies said...

Praying for you guys, Susie. Please, please...if you are in an evacuation zone, flee to the hills, girl!

Love and prayers!

Chappyswife said...

Been thinking about you as I watch the weather, and this morning they said it was, at this point, headed for Victoria. Just know that I am praying for all of ya'll's safety. You'll be in our prayers.

We are expected to get a lot of rain. Right now we have a 70 percent chance of rain on Saturday. We have a huge outreach planned for Saturday, so we're praying that holds off just a bit.

Annie said...

I'm a Little Debbie girl, but yes, a whole box is appropriate. Also at least two of the HEB strawberry cheesecake streudels.

We won't need to have junk food, we're going to stay with the BIL and SIL, who are BOTH chef's for Wolfgang Puck. I bet I'm going to gain the most weight.

Love you, be safe.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Yes, yes you DO NEED the Honeybuns in the event of a cataclysmic emergency! It is an unofficial scientific fact that sugar calms the nerves when Truth is hard to access due to lack of routine and concentration. I won't say how I know, but I KNOW. :) BTW, your HEB run made me remember - when I lived in Corpus all those years ago, we actually stayed IN an HEB factory to escape the storm. A neighbor of ours was the plant manager and it was supposedly built to withstand 300 mph winds. We played "office" and hide and seek for almost a week in there. That's one of the best memories of my childhood! Our parents let us go to the parking lot when the eye passed over and there would be birds chirping for 20 minutes until the winds started raging again! I'm praying for your safety and for your friends and businesses. (You know I know about weather and building and the havoc they wreak together.) :) Praying for protection over your home as well. You certainly waited for it a long time. Stay safe!

Penless Thoughts said...

I was thinking about you guys being there today. We are praying.