Oct 24, 2008

We Have a Winner!!! Matt Giveaway

Well, we have a winner for the giveaway. I numbered the entries and then used the number generator.
Put in the total number of entries and ta-da, we have a winner. Congratulations Karen! I will be emailing you and then getting your information so I can send you your prize and set up a time for Matt to call you.

Thanks to everyone who entered and enjoy High School Musical 3! Don't forget to come by and let me know what you thought!


Mayhem And Miracles said...

Shucks! Just one number off. ;) Thanks for letting us parrticipate though; this was fun! Congratulations Karen! Well, I prepurchased our tickets for tonight's 7:10 showing, which is just three short hours away! YAY!!! And yes, I'll be back later to tell you how awesome it was - I already know I'm gonna love it. HAVE FUN TONIGHT WITH YOUR KIDDOS!!!! Woo - hoo! Go Matt!!

Bethany said...

Saw Debbie & Tony, your dad, Carolyn & Wanda...plus a few others at the movie this afternoon. The kid's loved it! Matt did a great job!!!!

Kelly said...

So bummed to lose:-( Thanks for the fun contest, though!

Just wanted to let you know my girls and I saw the movie this afternoon and loved it! Your nephew is so cute, and very funny! My 11 year old squealed when he came on and made sure I knew HE was the one we had been talking about.

Congratulations- this is such a big deal, and I know your family is so proud of him:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie,
Thanks so much for this super giveaway!! We feel super privileged to win it. My daughter is already planning out the phone call!!! Can't wait to get the CD- I'm sure we'll listen to it everyday. The movie was awesome and my daughter said the funniest part was when Matt came on stage during the theater production and her favorite part was the graduation scenes!!
Thanks again,
Karen Ward

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Susie, we just got home and HOW FUN!!! My little guy was a little uneasy about going with my daughter and me (the "big" boys had other plans), but I am not kidding you when I tell you that he CRACKED UP at all of Matt's parts! I had no idea Matt had the most comedic part. (Reminded me of a more wholesome Spiccoli, right?!) Or that we would get to -ahem- know him quite THAT well! (Running through the school in a towel.) Anyway, he did a GREAT JOB! I loved it. He is just adorable! Our theatre was PACKED and very engaged. Lots of cheering, singing, and shouting out WOOOOOS after the singing numbers (and kisses, of course.) Fun, fun, fun!

Christi said...

Our family just got home and we LOVED the film! Matt did so great and he was hilarious :) This was my favorite HSM of all. Tell him Great job!! The "Rocket" was a great addition to the cast :)

Babyxx said...

I wish I could see HSM3 already....Australia doesn't get it for a couple of weeks-ish. (I keep hearing mixed dates about when exactly!)
Can't wait to see Matt in it :-)
We are organising a huge group of us to go on the opening day, dressing up then having a HSM themed kids party before/after (we are a bunch of 18 year olds...!!!)