Jan 13, 2009

5 New Fab Finds

I must let you in on some great products I have found recently which make life so much more enjoyable as I joined the ranks of a healthy eater. You may or may not have seen these yummy items before, so I thought it might be fun to share.

The first is Ice Breakers Ice Cubes. I was looking for a mint and thought the box looked cute. I didn't realize it was gum until I put it in my mouth. Yum! I love that it is gum and a breath mint. I guess most gum is, but whatever. They are cute and fun so I'll keep buying them.

This product was my biggest treasure...HONEY ROASTED SUNFLOWER SEEDS! You see I have been on a mission for over two years to find these lovely treats that have graced my Char-grilled chicken salad at Chick-Fil-A, but to no avail until 2 weeks ago. I know they are a little high in calorie, but just a sprinkle on a salad-makes the salad. And they are organic. With as many salads as I've eaten over the last month, it was great to add a little variety with these. I found them at our local HEB grocery store on the nuts and popcorn aisle.

Okay, the next is also Deee-licious! Breyers Carb Smart Butter Pecan Icecream. I only have this treat if I am dying for something sweet. A half cup is plenty to give me the satisfaction of having dessert. A little expensive, but so is Bluebell.

Okay, if you hate serving your kids hot dogs because of the nitrates, then this is the wiener for you. Oh my it is good! I eat one without the bun, but my kids eat them topped with chili and cheese. They are also pricey, but healthy and filling. You won't be disappointed.

Last on my list is Co. Bigelow Magenta Mint Lip gloss. Found this yummy treat while shopping with my daughters before Christmas. The gloss not only has a slight tint of color, it tastes minty. According to the package..."Lips stay moist and protected while Peppermint Oil gives breath long-lasting freshness." Sounded good, they were on sale, so we bought three. I've since taken over 2 of them for my own.

If you have any low carb, non-fattening, fun new product or a secret diet pill you'd like to share, then please let me know. I'm kidding about the last one. Well, kind of. Anyway, we friends need to keep each other in the know. Happy dieting and Happy New Year!


Annie said...

OK, I'm blind, what kind of hot dogs are those? We love the Hebrew National over here, they are Kosher and their tagline is "No if's, and's or butts." It's hilarious. Don't know the health of them though, but I will not eat a non kosher hot dog. Blech.

Susie said...

Applegate Farms at HEB. LOVE THEM! Don't think they are Kosher.

Twisting His Arm said...

I may have to give that ice cream a try!