Mar 19, 2009

Facebook...Are You On???

I haven't seen many posts on the positives and negatives of Facebook, but I just wanted to share my own observations with those 4 or 5 humans on the planet who have not joined into the madness.


* A super fun way to keep up with those high school and college friends you haven't seen in years.


* They often at liberty will post the most unflattering pictures of you doing the most inappropriate things you might not necessary want to relive from 20 some odd years ago. I'm just saying.


* You get to know what others are doing every waking moment of the day.


* You get to know what others are doing every waking moment of the day.


* When you have a fun get together, party, or shower with your friends, you can post pictures of all the good times.


* When your friends have fun get togethers, parties or showers without you, you also get to see pictures of that. Not always so fun.


* It is so great to see a new friend appear that wants to be your friend.


* People can decline your friendship (not a good feeling), defriend you if they want(has happened), or they can block you completely from being their friend until eternity (well, not to worry if they are Christians, you will see them again in heaven)

All in all, I love facebook and the friendships I have reconnected with and the joy it brings me to stay in touch with all my loved ones. If you are thinking about FB I hope this helps, and if your already doing it and aren't my friend, look me up.

I want to leave you with one more positive. It is a small glimpse into your life and if you are a Christian, it can be a wonderful way for people to be encouraged by your walk with Christ. Be honest, but don't try to be something you're not. Enjoy and don't become obsessed as I often have done. "Let your light shine before all men to see, so that your Father in heaven may be glorified". Matthew 5:16


Melanie Dorsey said...

I am not on FB b/c I feel I already spend too much time blogging. And I'm working on that!
Thanks for your input on FB~ing.

Anonymous said...

I did a double take about the posting pictures of showers. Never seen that on facebook! Caught it right on second read, though. :-)

DeeDee said...

loved reading this I sit through my last chemo! yay!!!!

Chappyswife said...

I'd have to agree, Susie. I've been sucked in myself. :0)

Tiffany said...

well said, my friend. Great post. Just so you know, I would never defriend you. You are stuck with me.

Susan said...

I have not joined Facebook, although I've been invited to several times. I feel blogging takes enough of my time and I've heard a few negatives things about facebook. Glad its working for you.

Debbie said...

Cute post Susie! You know how much I love Facebook! It has brought me back together with friends that I thought I had lost forever. Plus, it lets me keep up with my family and friends. I think it has brought us all closer.

Julie Gillies said...

Your list made me laugh, Susie. I'm right there with ya...LOVE Face Book because it keeps me more in touch with my family & friends. But I've decided I will never Twitter.

Love ya, girl! Hope all is well with you.

Michelle said...

your list totally made me laugh! I love facebook and being able to connect with blog friends, friends from way back when, make new friends and of course family.

the get togethers and parites thing is SO true and has become kinda of a joke among family