Aug 7, 2009

Where is Susie?

My oldest daughter informed me last night that it was almost exactly one month since my last post. I kind of shrugged it off and told her, "Wow, that long?" Actually I know exactly how long it has been, but every time I sit down to write lately, my words seem meaningless. Since many of you who happened upon this are bloggers, you probably can relate in some way. If someone is going to take the time to read a post, you don't want to waste their time in the process.

However for me, my blog writing was never meant to be about writing that would get noticed for content or excellence. It has always been about a personal journal for myself, my children and anyone who happens upon it, to see how God has works in one's life who is surrendered to Him. I struggle, I triumph, I even sometimes crawl through this journey, but I press on with all my heart to seek Christ every step of the way.

Today is about seeking out a good family physician for my husband and for myself. We are both in need of a good physical and lifestyle change. Today is trying to creatively figure out how to stay in our home we know we can't afford. That may mean me going back to work part-time or putting our home on the market. Today is about praising God for what I do have which is far more than I could ever deserve. Lastly, today is about remembering God has it ALL covered, and the wisdom and counsel I seek, is readily available when I humbly go before him in prayer.

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Alisa Hope Wagner said...

God's movements are interesting to say the least. Every time I think I know what He is planning, I am dead wrong. Sounds like God is doing some planning in your life! Get ready for the ride!!!

BTW - thanks for the shout out for Faith Imagined! You've always been such a blessing to me!