Oct 25, 2009

Joy, Joy, Joy, Sickness, Joy, Joy, Joy

This last week's study for "Living Beyond Yourself" was all about the fruit of the Spirit-JOY. Tuesday and Wednesday were literally overflowing days of joy due to an unbelievable extended time of studying God's Word. I had been asking God so many questions and finally surrendered them at his feet. He not only gave me answers I was looking for, he gave me specifics of how to go about doing the things I had been praying about starting.

One bit of joyful news is that I will be starting a Women's Ministry at our church. We already have such great women leading Life Groups and serving in so many areas, but we haven't had a coordinator bringing them all together with focus and vision. God laid it on my heart to start this for our women. If you have been reading my blog long, and know the title story, you will say, "What?" Susie, you aren't a leader, remember? You are the one filling in for, helping, assisting, doing what is needed." Well, that is what I've always held on to and believed. However, I am a child of the Most High, and when he clearly laid it on my heart to lead this, I know he will completely equip me and strengthen me to carry on His plans. Once I said, "Yes God", he started pouring forth ideas and plans in my head. My pastor and his wife are fulling supporting me, and are excited also. I also found a talented graphics artist and blog designer to get us started with getting the word out to our women. Hopefully, later this week, I will unveil the Real Life Fellowship's Women's blog. I am so pumped to see how women will get involved not only in the new bible studies we are already doing, but in the community outreach projects, the service in our own church and the different social events and groups that will be starting in the future. Just in my own Life Group of 15 ladies, there are so many talented and potential leaders who each have amazing testimonies of life change and how God is working in their lives. I am blessed, humbled and not to mention amazed at what is to come.

Right after so many great things happening this week, Annie (my 9 yr old) came down with the flu. It hit her hard and kept us home-ridden for the last 4 days. She is on Tamiflu, but is feeling a lot better. We have her fever under control, and she is mostly just non-stop coughing. I know she will fully recover in the next day or two. We caught it very early. On a side note, I am making an appointment with my gynecologist this week. I have something that is hurting in one of my upper portion areas(okay, one of my boobs) and I want to get it checked quick. I can't feel anything like a knot or lump, but it is sore to sleep on and if I accidentally brush against something, there is pain. I am not worried at all, but I am going to get checked, just as I do each year. Keep that in your prayers if you could, and that the rest of my family would stay flu-free.

Joy is something I have come to look at so differently lately. My homework was a full 5 days worth of learning about how much we need joy and how much as believers we need to live out joy. One of the most important things that hit me was God is the true Possessor and Giver of true joy. Beth Moore says, "Fleeting moments of happiness may be experienced through other channels, but inner joy flows only from Christ." I could not agree more. The one thing she reminded me of that I constantly want to remember to never take for granted is that my greatest joy needs to be in knowing that my name is written in heaven. Now that, is definitely reason to be joyful.


Susan said...

Yes. our name written down in the Lamb's book of life is the ONLY thing that truly matters. Without that......nothing. Glad to hear you are stepping out and following God's leading, Susie.

Robin said...

I am sooooo excited about your role in Women's Ministry!!! I think this has been up God's sleeve for a while now.

Hugs, and praying for all health related issues!

Sue said...

How exciting for you Susie, as you begin your new role as Ministry Co-ordinator for your Ladies' group! Very exciting indeed!

Hope your daughter's flu leaves quickly and the rest of you remain flu-free. So many are suffering with this flu. So far it's stayed away from our home!

May God's joy fill you to overflow as you minister to the women in your life. You are a blessing!