Apr 30, 2010

Time For a Matt Post

Wow, it has definitely been a while since my last post and especially a Matt post. For those of you who don't know, Matt Prokop (my nephew) is starring in the motion picture "Furry Vengeance" which comes out today, April 30th. I am such a proud aunt and have basically told all 700 of my friends on Facebook, but somehow forgot to remind my blogging friends. I hope I still have some blogging friends since it has been forever since I've written anything worthy of reading.

Can I be real with you? I would never make it as an actor's mom. I really don't know how my sister does it. I have been reading reviews over the last 24 hours and I'm seriously thinking of writing some nasty letters to these old critics who forget that Furry Vengeance is a family movie and a comedy. It was not made to win an Oscar. Anyway, of course I would not do anything, but I simply don't have the thick skin to be able to handle criticism like that. Thankfully Matt is tough, a fun-loving guy and knows that he had a blast making this movie. I am going to be so proud when I see that first line spoken by his character Tyler in the movie. In fact, I will probably shed a tear of two. I have watched this boy grow up. I was there right after he was delivered, I babysat him every time his mom and dad went on a trip and all through his toddler years while his mama went back to school, I saw him get baptized as a very young man, and I've seen him work him way up to through the ranks in this crazy town called Hollywood. Through all the challenges, through all the disappointments and all the achievements, Matt has stayed true to his dream. He wanted to be an actor, and people, that is exactly what he is. I love you Matt, and I will be cheering you on and supporting you 100% for as long as you keep living this dream or any other that God leads you to pursue.

Now friends, please go see Furry Vengeance in your local theater so we can show those critics a thing or two about the need for more fun movies parents can take their kids to see.

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