Jan 6, 2011

Dear Diary...

I'm starting to pack up a few things around the house, and found an old diary from my 7th grade year. Even if you weren't my friend back then, you might find it amusing. I am going to write out a few entries because I can't get my scanner to work right now. I will leave in the exact spelling and punctuation that I used throughout the entries. So funny to look back into my young life.

Dear Diary,
Today was a pretty fun day. I went shopping and bought me a beautiful sundress. Yesterday my dad went to a fire school and today he called from Beaumont. I think I like Kevin Harrison.

Dear Diary,
Today I had a NJH annesheation and then had a softball game we won 38-2 I had lots of homework and didn't do it. I talked to my dad again.

Dear Diary,
Today I went bike riding and went to Smith with Heather and then went to the creek and flurted with Kevin.

Dear Diary,
Today Mr. Caldwell left from Crain. Boo hoo. Then at 7:00 I went to the baseball field with Leigh Ann, Sherry, and Michelle. Then I went to Leigh Ann's. Then we went to putt-putt. I won 2 games.

Dear Diary,
Today at 2:00 me and Melissa went to Astroworld. We rode Greezed Lightning the Cyclone and Thunder River. Then we went home and went to sleep. I spent the night there.

Dear Diary,
Today school was boring so was practice. Came home talked to Kevin for about an hour and a half. Had fun. I hope Kevin breaks up with his girlfriend. I went to the dentist.

Dear Diary,
Today we started Algebra in Math. Blah! We had a softball game and won 38 to 6. Yeah! And saw Leigh Ann and Michelle. Kevin walked some of the way home with me and then we played basketball. Billy broke his wrist.

Dear Diary,
I finally found time to wright. Me and Kevin are going together ever since the 18th. Today was the last day of school and we went to Lubys now I'm going to Heather's house.

Dear Diary,
Today Mark came over and he likes Debbie and is going to break up with Rose. Me and Kevin are still going around for 1 month, 1 week and 4 days. Yeah!

Dear Diary,
Today I stayed home and also went with Dede to Smith and played on the bars. I am in love with Rick Springfield, he plays on General Hospital.

Dear Diary,
Today Debbie drove down Erwin and then I caught her and Mark kissing haha. And I ran at the track for a while with Debbie. And Mark and his team were on TV.

Dear Diary,
Today is Christmas. I got a stereo, watch, basketball, backgammon, 2 oxfords, clock, alarm clock, necklace, powder, perfume, purse, 2 sweaters, stuffed dog, 2 shirts.

Dear Diary,
Today is my Birthday. I got a polo shirt, izod, 2 pair of shoes, snoopy clothes, nightshirt, underwear, add a beads. Relatives came over.

This is so funny, and embarrassing! Don't I sound exactly the same? Skip read it and asked, "Should I be worried about this Kevin guy?" Haha, no way. I never even kissed him. It was just puppy love. For those of you who grew up in Victoria...the references in it were Kevin Harrison(neighbor boy), Melissa Toney(bff), Heather Boerner, Leigh Ann Barnhart, Michelle Schmidt, Mark Schoener, and of course Debbie (my sis) and Billy (my brother).

Did you keep a diary too?


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Anonymous said...

i looooooved it! please post more that was just GREAT to read!


"i flurted with Kevin"...hahaha!