May 18, 2006

Casa Ole Dip Dips into the Pocketbook

I love Casa Ole chili con queso, so I looked up the recipe on the web. I made a list of the ingredients and set off to my home away from home(HEB Plus). It calls for 5lbs. of grated American cheese. I don't know about you but I would pay a dollar more a package just so I don't have to go to the trouble of grating. Well, they didn't have plain grated American cheese so I had to buy the blocks. They were $3.69 a lb. That is one expensive cheese. Anyway, I was not going to buy that many lbs. at that price so I got one bag of velvetta shreds and one mexican blend that was grated too, and then 3lbs. of American. I hope it turns out okay. My husband, the chef, can turn anything into a delicious dish. Anyway, don't mean to bore anyone with my shopping experience, but that is my life today. I did, however, have the best book study meeting today with my beautiful Captivating ladies. We finished the book and we just had to praise God for the work he did in each of our lives. It is amazing what individual stories of growth we all have. We are having a celebration brunch next week, and I am going to miss them like crazy. It is good that we will still see each other at church and get together once a month. I love each of you ladies so much.

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Susie said...

The dip turned out great but it didn't taste exactly like the queso at Casa Ole. We made enough for about a 100 people when we only had about 25 guests. The recipe is for a large portion.