May 17, 2006

Convert Master Bedroom Into Family Room?

I am totally joking, but the idea is realistic at this household. It never fails that the children are where we are. Our bedroom is pretty big so we keep the computer in there. Skip also tends to have a keyboard or mic set up a lot of the time. And yes, we also have a TV in there. Shame on me, I know. I can't remember why we have four bedrooms when they spend so little time in them. I take that back. Ashley does spend time in her room drawing, writing or talking on the phone. Seth at times plays his PS2 in his room and Annie on occasion plays Barbies in her's. However, it never fails from 6:00pm till baths and bed, they are with us. Skip thinks it is because we have a two story house now and they are tired of going up and down the stairs. That sounds pretty weak to me. I guess this will soon change as they mature, so I better enjoy it while it lasts.


Anonymous said...

Definitely enjoy it!!! With one child in Texas and one with me, I miss those days sooo much! They grow up so fast and then all they want to do is be with their friends. The great thing is you're setting a foundation that will carry them through their teenage years. God has amazed me daily at the work he is doing in my children. Just enjoy every year, each one is unique and a blessing!


Anonymous said...

I read this and it sounded like something I might have written and then God broke my heart with a vision of the alternative. The kids are all in their rooms playing quietly. The next 14 years go by and the house is quiet. I don't even know my children and don't miss them when they leave home.