May 16, 2006

Coffee Anyone?

I am hosting a couple's shower this weekend and I am in deperate need. I use inexpensive coffee for everyday, but I want to try something more interesting for the party. Any ideas anyone? I already have the flavored creamers which are yummy, but real coffee drinkers like their's black. Help!


Padre Reeds said...

Seattle's Best is at HEB and really good, so is Community Coffee for the true black coffee drinker, it's a Lousiana coffee.
hope this helps!

Padre Reeds said...

Seattle's Best is good and Community Coffee for the true coffee drinker, it's a Lousiana coffee. Hope this helps! both can be found at HEB.

Anonymous said...

Try Folgers Premium Blend (I think). I have the Columbian Blend, so it's a bit richer in taste. I'm usually a Starbuck's snob, but it's SO expensive!!! Anyway....I'll give you a call and confirm the right name this evening. -Karissa-

Tiffany Locke said...

Hey susie, This is awesome! I like it. For coffee, I like to use a blend of HEB--- Hill country and San Antionio blend. I buy one caff. and one decaf and ( whole bean) and grind them together.It is sweet and yummy! Good luck.

Susie said...

Thanks for your help. I will try them all.

Amy D. said...

Hey Sus, So glad you have your own blog now. I love your gift for writing. About the coffee, expensive doesn't always mean better. I serve Folgers Decaf at get-togethers. My guests have referred to it as "spendid". They were absolutely amazed that it was Folgers. Can't beat that! I guess it's all in the the balance between the amount of coffee you put in with the amount of water. There's some magic combo that I suppose lies in the taste buds of the drinker. I look forward to trying the one you choose.
YSIC, Amy D.

Robin said...

Terry is a total Starbuck's addict. I don't drink it, so that's all the help I can be!

OOOh--I wish I could send you some from Cafe Brazil in Dallas. Know what? Send me your address and I will. The locals LOVE IT.

PS I'll delete this comment later so my address isn't out here!