Jul 29, 2006

Good Eats!

Since Skip and I have been home, we have been showered with meals. I love that about a church family! It is funny that somehow the word has gotten out that Skip is a total meat and potatoes kind of guy. It is true, his dying meal request would probably be a steak and loaded baked potato, but he does eat other things. We have enjoyed such delicious, mouth-watering entrees(not to mention desserts) that our next adventure together is going to be a diet. I really hate that 4 letter word, but we both want to be in our best shape and health ever as we approach the big 40. Skip has 16 months and I have 17 to go. I can't believe I just said my age. We both have lost the most weight at one time by going totally healthy. I mean 75% raw fruits and veggies. We juiced quite a bit about 7 years ago and most of our extra weight just fell off. It was really hard to stick with it, but so many of our friends are eating healthy now and back then it was only us. However, since the meals are still coming for a week, we will definitely have to work on portion control. I wouldn't want to offend anyone. Ha Ha!

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