Jul 23, 2006

"Something Good is Going to Happen to You"

Skip and I are spending our Sunday morning with Joel Olsteen on the tube. I'm still in my PJ's and Skip, well, uh, he's in his hospital gown. Actually the green stripes do compliment his eyes. Watching church on TV got me thinking about my childhood. Many times Oral Roberts was my pastor. I loved the way he would end his show with the song "Something Good is Going to Happen to You." I haven't thought about that song in years, but it rings as true as ever. Whenever we face trials and struggles, God always has something good on the horizon. I have read a lot of blogs this week which have really made me realize how fortunate I am. One fellow blogger has a friend who just lost her husband in a freak accident, another blogger's baby is about to undergo heart surgery. The list goes on and I am overwhelmed at how much I have to be thankful for. Sometimes we can get so consumed with our own problems, we don't see all the "Good that is about to happen."


DA Wagners said...

You, Skip and your family are such a blessing to us all. Thanks for sharing your life with us; it's such an inspiration to know that your family is just like any family striving to fufill the will of God. We're praying for you.

Marked Writers

Melissa said...

Susie & Skip,
I have been praying for both of you & a quick recovery. I'm glad the hard part is over-with, now for healing... You're right about so many things happening. My friend Laura's friend just lost her 5yr old son to cancer, and it all happened w/in months of discovering it, and him passing away. A classmate of ours, Angela Bright is at Citizens right now, recovering from brain surgery, and will be staying at Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center here in Victoria. I saw that you had asked about rehab centers in one of your postings.
I'm so proud of you Susie, for your strength for Skip, and your continuous faith in God's wonders of healing. HE is truly real and powerful in our lives!!
Much love to both of you!!